Skip Novak Storm Sailing | dreja bi

Har ni någonsin drejat bi? Jag tror jag provade en gång i min ungdom. Men det kan vara bra att prova på för att ha ytterligare en manöver i bakfickan när det blir riktigt överdjävligt.

Någon som har koll på hur det fungerar på moderna båtar?

Denna film är en del i en serie som Yachting World har gjort med Skip Novak och Pantaenius:

In January and February 2013 we joined expedition and high latitudes expert Skip Novak on board his 54ft steel sloop Pelagic, intent on finding wind, rounding Cape Horn and learning from the expert the best and safest way for shorthanded family crews to cope with extreme weather.

We found wind all right – and plenty of it. This video showing how our series was made serves as an introduction to the series, which begins in our October 2013 issue and runs every month for a year. Each episode builds on the next to give you a complete overview of the methods that Skip advocates for reefing, high winds anchoring, storm sails, tying to shore and many more topics.