Ny ägare till M32

Sedan i somras har det varit lite osäkerhet kring hur M32 skall byggas. Göran Marström och Kåre Ljung som ligger bakom designen är inte längre kvar på firman, och Marstrom Composite vill ändra fokus i tillverkningen för att uppnå lönsamhet.

Eftersom intresset är stort både för båten och M32 Cup så har detta så klart varit ett orosmoment. Men nu står det klart att Håkan Svensson, som ju är en av initiativtagarna till cupen och tidigare VD på Berg Propulsion, tar steget fram och köper hela projektet. Inom kort kommer vi att få veta mer om var båten skall byggas och hur distribution och prisbild ser ut.

För mig som projektledare för cupen så känns det bra med en långsiktig lösning. Inom kort kommer vi också meddela orter, datum och format för årets cup.

M32 Catamaran in new hands

Marstrom Composite AB in Västervik, Sweden, has signed an agreement with Aston Harald AB, Hönö, Sweden, whereby Aston Harald AB acquires the M32 Catamaran Project from Marstrom Composite.

Marstrom Composite will refocus its business to more industrial production in the carbon fiber industry building on its long expertise in the field as well as continuing its specialties in mast production and other special projects in the marine sector. The company has changed its ownership structure, board and management. New chairman since June 2013 is Mr. Jan Orest and new CEO since December 2013 is Mr. Olle Särneroth. Mr. Per Wärn, former CEO and cofounder, remains as one of the shareholders with responsibility for Sales and Marketing.

Aston Harald AB will start to take over the manufacture of the M32 as of beginning February 2014. The Aston Harald Group with the M32 Cup has been the biggest single customer of the M32 Catamarans from Marstrom Composite and will now build an organization to produce, sell and serve the sailing market. In the transition there has been, and is, a close co-operation between the companies to produce parts to support the market till production is up and running again in order not let the customers down. Aston Harald plans to have a production up and running shortly to minimize any unnecessary delays.

Background on the M32 and M32 Cup

M32 is a 32’ carbon catamaran with focus on simplicity and speed. Low weight makes it fun and exiting to sail, both for pros and experienced amateurs. There’s active fleets in Scandinavia and Newport, making it the only established multihull class in this size.

M32 Cup is a semi-professional series established in 2013 with unique events with action and entertaining sailing, right in the centre of all major cities in Scandinavia. 2014 M32 Cup will visit Gothenburg, Oslo, Malmö, Copenhagen and Stockholm as well as a Gold Cup in Miami Feb 28 – Mar 3.

What they said

Håkan Svensson, Aston Harald:
We are more excited about this project today than when we
bought the first boat a couple of years ago. It makes the future
of the M32 compelling and we cannot wait to get started.

Fredrik Lööf, Olympic Champion
This is the most exciting boat ever.

Ken Read, CEO North Sails and VOR skipper:
After playing around on a M32 catamaran in
Sweden last year I found my next boat.