Optimize for Offshore Racing 1-2 mars

Ett intressant event i Rungsted 1-2 mars.

Även om ORC står som en av arrangörerna, och många av punkterna är ORC-specifika, så vill man ha ett bredare perspektiv och diskutera havskappsegling (eller storbåtssegling) utan hänsyn till respitregler. Bra initiativ och kul att diskussionerna har kommit igång över gränserna.

Tyvärr (?) är jag i Miami för att arra M32 Gold Cup, men jag hoppas att det kommer lite bra rapporter.

Mer info här.

Offshore seminar in Rungsted

Saturday and Sunday, March 1-2, 2014, organizers from the Royal Danish YC (KDY), members of ISAF’s Offshore & Oceanic Committee, and the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) will convene a special series of seminars and workshops to promote greater participation in offshore sailing in the Baltic region and northern Europe. Activities will be held at KDY’s facility in Rungsted Harbor, 25 km north of Copenhagen.

“We thought holding this meeting would help get sailors and race organizers from several countries in the region together to share ideas on race schedules and formats, and ways to help each other bring more sailors out to race,” said KDY Vice Commodore Lars Bo Ive. “This event has already proven popular, with representatives committed to come here from as far east as Finland to as far west as the Netherlands, and everywhere in between, so we think we have found the right topics that needs discussion.

Saturday’s sessions will be targeted for senior national representatives to discuss topics in rating rule development, boat measurements, safety training, the ISAF Classification system, a review of major offshore races in the region, and innovations and techniques in race management.
Sunday’s sessions will cover similar topics, but will be oriented more for boat owners and sailors, who can benefit from the discussions made on the previous day. There will also be a discussion of sail design and material trends, the improvements made to the NORLYS system in Norway, followed by discussions on several prominent races of the region in 2014: the new Royal Ocean Cup in Copenhagen, the ÅF Offshore Race in Stockholm, and the 2014 ORC World Championship, where there are now over 150 entries from 16 countries already entered for ISAF’s official Offshore World Championship held this year in Kiel in August.

For race organizers, a major outcome of this weekend will be coordinating scheduled events through the next few years so that there are as few conflicts as possible,” said co-organizer Thomas Nilsson, chairman of the Norwegian Offshore Racing Committee. “We feel this is important so that boats and sailors can enjoy multiple regattas, and their interest can be maximized towards the major events. These include regattas like the Fyn Cup, Faerder Race, Kieler Woche, the AF Offshore Race, the ORC World and European Championships, the Nord Stream Race, etc.”

ORC Offshore Seminar 2014 – KDY Rungsted 1.- 2. of March

“Optimize for Offshore Racing”

The idea behind this weekend is twofold:

One is to gather the major Offshore players in Northern Europe so we could meet, talk and together decide on way and means to get more sailors on the water. A major factor in this will be coordinating scheduled events through the next few years so that there are as few conflicts as possible so that boats and sailors can enjoy multiple regattas, and their interest can be maximized towards the major events. These include regattas like the Fyn Cup, Faerder Race, Kieler Woche, AF Offshore Race, ORC World and European Championships, Nord Stream Race, etc.

Second is to have a number of sub-meetings covering specific areas around new ISAF safety regulations and new changes in the ORC rating system so that the speakers and participants can share information about ratings, measurement, scoring, equipment, event formats, etc. The ORC World Championship is coming in August in Kiel, and this will be a valuable opportunity to learn more about this exciting event that expects to draw over 100 entries from throughout Northern Europe.

Saturday Offshore Seminar for
senior national representatives:

10.00 Introduction, presentation (Thomas Nilsson, Sten Edholm, Lars Ive)
10.15 ORC Rule development, changes for 2014, & new features of Sailors Services (Dobbs Davis)
10.45 ORC Measurement and Rating process (Zoran Grubisa)
11.15 Safety Training (Sten Edholm)
11.30 ISAF Classification system (Dobbs Davis)
11.45 Overview Major Offshore Races in the North European Region (Thomas Nilsson)
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 15.30 Sub Meetings:
Race Management: proper rating use, and results calculations, trends in course design, new innovations (Chair Dobbs Davis)
Measurement development, rating procedures (Chair Zoran Grubisa)
15.30 – 16.00 Coffee Break
16.00 – 17.30 Coordination of major races in the region 2014-2016 (Thomas Nilsson/Paolo Massarini)
19.00 Dinner

09.00 -10.30 Summary of reports from subcommittees, preparations for Open seminar (Internal meeting)
10.30 – 15.30 Open ORC info meeting for all sailors in the region – including a quick working lunch
10.30 Introduction and presentation (Lars Ive /Thomas Nilsson/Sten Edholm)
11.00 Use of ISAF Classification system for Corinthian sailors (Dobbs Davis)
11.15 2014 ORC rating systems overview (Dobbs Davis)
11.30 Major ORC events in Northern Europe 2014-2016 (Thomas Nilsson/Paolo Massarini)
12.00 Special Regulations and organization of Offshore Survival Courses (Sten Edholm)
12.00 Lunch
12.45 Measurement (UMS) and Rating for ORC – Basic principles (Zoran Grubisa)
13.15 Sailors Services demonstration (Dobbs Davis)
13.45 The development of NORLYS based on ORC (Per Böymo)
14.00 Royal Ocean Cup (Lars Bo Ive)
14.15 ÅF Offshore Race (Sten Edholm)
14.30 ORC Worlds 2014 Kiel (Wolfgang Schäfer)
14.45 How to get more boats on the water for offshore sailing (GER)
15.00 Development trends in design and materials of sails (Thomas Nilsson)
15.30 – 16.00 Final remarks and wrap up (Lars Ive/Thomas Nilsson/Sten Edholm)

Keynote speakers will be:
Thomas Nilsson (NO), ISAF Offshore & Oceanic Committee
Sten Edholm(SWE), ISAF Offshore & Oceanic Committee, ISAF Special Regs Committee
Per Bøymo (NO)
Wolfgang Schäfer(GER), Vice Chair ORC, Chair German Offshore Committee, ISAF Oceanic & Offshore Committe
Lars Bo Ive (DK), Vice Commodore Royal Danish Yacht Club
Dobbs Davis (US), ORC Staff and Seahorse Magazine
Zoran Grubisa(CRO), ORC Technical Staff
Paolo Massarini (IT), Chairman ORC Classes & Events Committee