Modern Race Navigation | Expedition Software in Action


Riktigt bra bok (Kindle) för oss som tar navigation och instrument på lite mer allvar. Will Oxley, känd som navigatör på Camper och väderkoordinator för Puma och Victory, träffar mitt i prick med handfasta tips och metodiker som funkar.

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The art of race navigation in the age of computers and navigation software is very different to even a decade ago. While a multitude of books exist on coastal and celestial navigation, very few can be found that deal with the specialist area of race navigation. This book fills that void. It is a practical, hands-on book that provides detailed instruction and tips on Race Navigation using Expedition, one of the most widely used race navigation software packages available today.

Information is provided on setting up a navigation station, deck screens, instrument calibration, accessing weather information, short course racing, starting, offshore routing, tracking the opposition, sail charts, and performance analysis. Web links are provided throughout the book to allow the reader to visit the relevant web sites as they read through the book. Recommended reading and key web sites are provided at the end of the book.

The book is structured so that it can be read from start to finish in a logical progression. Nonetheless, it is considered more likely that readers will be looking for advice on a specific function or feature within Expedition. For this reason the chapters also try to stand on their own where possible.

Chapter 1 The Role of the Navigator: An introduction
Chapter 2 Setting up a proper navigation station
Chapter 3 Deck Screens
Chapter 4 Instrument Calibration
Chapter 5 Traditional Navigation Skills: Still important
Chapter 6 Accessing weather information
Chapter 7 Short course racing: preparation and execution
Chapter 8 Starting
Chapter 9 Offshore Routing: A Sydney-Hobart Race
Chapter 10 Tracking the Opposition
Chapter 11 Sail charts and basic Performance Analysis
Chapter 12 Sailing Performance Analysis Software
Chapter 13 Recommended reading and WEB links