Nyfiken på… Charlie Enright & Alvimedica

Team Alvimedica landade i Newport i natt efter en repa över Atlanten. Bilden är tagen av en av mina absoluta favoritfotografer, Amory Ross.

Det börjar ju dra ihop sig till Volvo Ocean Race, och ni vill man ju få lite koll på teamen. Så jag har ställt lite frågor till ett par skippers och andra intressanta människor.


Först ut är Charlie Enright, och det är inte svårt att gilla honom och hans team. Från Disneys seglingsfilm “Morning Light” via hårt slit i olika offshore team så har man nu landat en Volvo-kampanj. Att Charlie är från Newport gör detta till en amerikansk dröm värdig en egen film.

1. This edition of VOR is different since it’s one-design. Will we see a different race strategically/tactically because of this?

This race will be a lot more about the sailors and less about the boats. Boats won’t be able to take tactical risks based on the performance of their boats in certain conditions. At the end of the day its still a sailboat race and will probably come down to driving, trimming and navigation.

2. When compared to the other teams, what would you say is your unique strength?

We are a keen, talented group that works well together. Not only do we work well together, we work hard and we plan on brining a new perspective to the race. As you mentioned before, this race is different than races past and we definitely won’t be set in our, old, ways. As I mentioned before, the race will come down to drivers, trimmers and navigators.

3. Looking at the fleet, all teams have some weaknesses. What’s yours? What can you do to mitigate them?

Experience is our weakness. We are trying to mitigate that by sailing as many miles as possible. We try not to do a lot of day sailing, but instead do longer passages to maximize our time on the boat.

4. Time is always a constraint. What’s your top priorities for the coming months? What would you do if you had more time?

Learning the boat is our biggest priority. Crossovers, polars, daggerboard configurations, water ballast vs. stack scenarios: there’s a lot to refine and if you can make those decisions with confidence during the race, it will be a big advantage.

5. It’s always been hard to communicate the race in an engaging way. And the Onboard Reporters role have changed over the years. What do you think should be done to communicate the race in a better way?

This years edition will be all about the people, which is probably a good idea. We see intense Volvo footage all the time, but you can only watch so much of that and the race is only like that so much of the time. If you’re going to follow something for 9 months, through light air patches as well, you need to have stories and knowledge of life on board.

6. What is your best memory from your sailing career so far?

In 2011 we put together our own campaign to compete in the Transat and the Fastnet. Being part of that team, running our own show, winning both youth divisions and placing 3rd overall in the Fastnet, would have to be the most memorable, I suppose, because the structure and organization was such a departure from the norm.

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