Not so epic!

Dear Artemis,

I’m writing this as a fan of Artemis, all the great sailors in your team and the Cup itself.

I really want to be a true fan. I really want you to do well. And I really want it to be epic.

But you make it extremely hard.

In the last Cup you had lots of issues. With design, management and accidents. Bad luck or something fundamentally wrong with the setup? Who cares. Let’s move on. As a team, you might also consider this. Lessons learned, let’s do it right this time!

Going into this cycle you were slightly behind Oracle, ETNZ and Luna Rossa. But ETNZ imploded/rebooted, Luna Rossa decided to back out and you had the opportunity to pick exactly the guys you needed to be the best team out there. Yes, that was your major announcement a year ago. You also played nice with Oracle and were able to have your say in setting the rules. And then changing them again.

I might be biased (remember, I’m a fan), but you should be able to be a solid challenger just behind Oracle. And well in front of other teams, that have restarted their efforts, changed skippers or are just ramping up.

Talking of ramping up. Pretty solid effort by BAR? I don’t know if you were surprised, but this guy really takes this to a new level.

So why isn’t this working?

In Portsmouth you were new to the boat and hadn’t practiced enough. That sounds like one of my own excuses. Not really that of a world-class team going into the new season? Before Gothenburg you had a training session in Stockholm, but still struggled. You won a race which was great. Especially for us fans cheering at the sidelines. But you finished last in two others which made us think the win was just a lucky break.

But results aren’t that important? The key is how you handle the setbacks. Rise to the occasion. Fight back. I think both BAR and ETNZ had something. They often came back from bad positions. Artemis, not so much. The top three teams were on fire, I admit. But you should be as well.

And let’s admit it. Flippin’ the boat on training day, and then hitting a rock between races isn’t just bad luck? For some reason it never happens to Ben :-)

I’m thinking there might be an issue with the organisation, on and off the water? To many olympic medals and to few hard working crews compared to the other teams?

Torbjörn is a great businessman and Ian is one of the best sailors on the planet, but who in the team have led an organization like this before? I know you had a bad run with Paul Cayard, but there should be someone out there that had led a big team to win AC or VOR before?

I’m sure you have some way of managing without a CEO, but if you’re looking for an edge with an alternative management style or culture, it isn’t really showing.

Maybe I’m missing the big picture. Maybe you got a revolutionary AC48 in the works, and don’t really care about the ACWS. Hey, you might just be going through the moves to fulfill the contract with ACEA.

I don’t know.

We don’t know.

And here comes my other point.

If you want to take sailing into the future. Make it a public sport that attracts fans and sponsors. You have to start communicating.

Believe it or not, we’re interested and engaged. And want to know what’s going on. When you’re winning. And when you’re loosing. We want to be a part of it.

But not a word on Gothenburg on any of your sites. Not on the web, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Not a single reflection over what happened. Why. No analysis. No interviews. No “looking forward to Bermude”. Nothing! Silence.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad. You might be regrouping and in “stealth mode”?

I just know it’s hard to be a fan.

And I wish, you would make it just a little bit easier.

Best regards,


PS. I know that the word epic is popular with young people today, but I would be careful using it to describe what’s going on. We’re missing both the hero and the great achievements. Let’s change that!

epic [ep-ik]

adjective, Also, epical

1. noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style: Homer’s Iliad is an epic poem.

2. resembling or suggesting such poetry: an epic novel on the founding of thecountry.