FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

Lloyd Thornburg är en av de där killarna som fullständigt spårar ur. Det började med en orange Gunboat, Phaedo, som man seglade som om den var stulen. Sedan var det dags för Phaedo³, en knallgrön MOD70, som han tillsammans med bland andra Brian Thompson kört i massor av race…

Men många av racen gör sig bättre i en snabb 40-fotare, så en Carkeek 40 mkII som heter FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) är ett perfekt komplement.

Skall man hålla på så här så hjälper det ju att ha ärvt rejält med stålar, men som Forbes skrev… det är ju roligare att bränna dem på kappseglingsrekord än att dricka drinkar på en yacht i Monaco.

You get the impression that Lloyd is searching less to break world records than for some big truth of self-discovery out there on the ocean wave. . .
“One of the most interesting things about off-shore sailing,” says the not-so-ancient mariner, “is you start out and it is really hard and you can’t sleep. Then you will hit this wall where you don’t want to be there. You want a bed that’s warm. Or you want a cheeseburger.

“You want a need that you can’t fulfil. That forces you to confront yourself, which is one of the hardest things to do. You learn so much about yourself, challenging yourself.”

It seems like 24-hour psychology for free, courtesy of Mother Nature.
“Yeah, the funny thing is,” he smiles, “last summer I spent five weeks with a bucket for a toilet, eating freeze-dried food, which is the worst, sleeping in a coffin-sized bunk, getting bounced around and freezing to death. It helps you appreciate the simple things.

“You come back and the first cheeseburger you have or Coca-Cola or beer tastes better than it has ever tasted. And it won’t taste like that again until you go to sea again. You are re-sensitised.”