North retro | tall spinnaker staysail

Underbart nördigt från förr. Vi gissar på 1975.

Stort tack till Pelle Pedersen som samlat på sig sånt här.

The North tall spinnaker staysail is a large sail hoisting to the masthead and with an LP of 100-120% of J. It is used primarily reaching or broad reach­ing under the normal full sized spin­naker, or on very close reaches under the Starcut. Since it is full hoist, but with a rather large LP, the shape is more like a genoa than a ribbon or tallboy. The clew, however, is cut high enough to allow sheeting to the boom under some circumstances and to prevent excessive twist in the head of the sail when sheeted to the rail. It has a little more than twice the area of a standard tallboy and is proportionately more powerful under the correct conditions. We have re­peatedly measured speed gains in the 5-10% range compared to flying a spinnaker without a staysail.

Hela finns som PDF här. Enjoy!