MidsummerSail 2018

Här är ett race, MidsummerSail, för de som gillar att segla långt. Och länge. Från Wismar, som tydligen är sydligast i Östersjön till Töre hamnfestival så långt norrut man bara kan komma. Man skriver på sajten:

Töre is a very small place. Its has a camping site with a little harbour.

900 distans.

Rekordet är 6 dagar och lite mer än 12 timmar… i år gick det långsammare…

Bara en båt som gick i mål; soloseglaren Thomas Woithe i sin Dehler 35 cws.


11 dagar, 19 timmar, 40 minuter och 8 sekunder!

Är man konstig om man tycker att det här verkar lite kul?

The MidsummerSail 2018 is history – and what kind!

There were 11 registrations, 4 have started, but only one has actually arrived at the finish line.

I had not expected such a quota.

It is said that the hardest thing about a regatta is to get to the starting line at all. There is definitely a lot of experience in this sentence.

And of course I knew about the weather forecasts. Strong winds and rain have forced the sailors to the first stopover just after the start, only to then go into very light winds. As soon as the weather seemed to stabilise, the same fun started again.

This way records are difficult to break.

However, not all sail for the record, or the cup. They start to do something special. Something that just can’t be achieved with ease.

Often, the Baltic Sea as an inland sea is not taken very seriously. Not to compare with the Atlantic, or the Southern Ocean.

However, you should not be fooled. Anyone who has left Stockholm astern is very quickly overwhelmed by the size of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Only very few Baltic Sea sailors have ever experienced this.

Sailing through the Baltic Sea once in its entire north-south stretch is a real challenge.

It is a privilege to stand victorious on the yellow buoy – and it must be earned!

The MidsummerSail is not only the longest, but also the hardest Baltic Sea regatta – Long live 2019!