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Det här strategidokumentet dök upp i flödet. Det är British Marine, som är branschorganisationen där, som, tar konsekvenserna av att målgrupperna ändras

The marine industry in 2020 is facing great changes which require decisive responses. Shifting consumer habits and values, technological advancements and environmental pressures are combining to completely reshape the market as we have experienced it in past decades.

Disrupted times offer great opportunity, provided you are prepared and bold enough to drive the agenda. This is why we have embraced an ambitious and exciting vision – a thriving industry delivering amazing on water experiences for everyone. It summarises our realistic ambition for British Marine’s members out to 2025 and beyond.

Significant indicators suggest that the die-hard enthusiast boat owners our industry has nurtured since the 1960s will gradually be replaced through the 2020s by experience-oriented customers with very different priorities and habits. The rapid emergence of environmental awareness and ongoing march of technologically-driven developments versus a widespread shortage of workforce skills will also notably influence our future.

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Första frågan är vad som händer här hemma? Tänker SweBoat att ett “tryggt båtägande” är det som attraherar nya målgrupper?

Den andra frågan är hur det går till när en mossig branschorgaisation formulerar sig på ett mer inspirerande sätt än vad vi som sport klarar av 😃

  • Connect – using recreational boating to spend quality time with family and friends, tapping into the friendly boating community.
  • Be Active – undertaking physical challenges, whether opening a lock, sailing a dinghy or exploring the locality on foot.
  • Keep Learning – acquiring new boating and related practical skills to provide a sense of achievement and confidence.
  • Give to others – being part of the boating community, sharing your time, boating skills and resources with others.
  • Be mindful – appreciating the moment you are in and the marine environment around you.