Figaro 3 till västkusten

Leif Jägerbrand, mest känd för att ha hetsat igång Midsummer Solo Challenge och varit snabb runt banan i sin Seascape 24 Sunkini, har tagit steget upp.

Det är Figaro 3 #24 som skall seglas hem från Frankrike i närtid.

Vi hoppas på provsegling i sommar…

Leif gör ingenting utan att tänka till, och här finns hans analys: Why Figaro 3?

At a first glance it might seem like an odd choice to choose a Figaro 3 for normal offshore shorthanded regatta sailing, especially considering that we are just happy amateurs. In this post I’ll try to explain the logic behind this decision and why it makes perfect sense.

I currently sail a Seascape 24 and I absolutely LOVE that boat! The amount of fun you can have with it is pretty much unlimited, plus it’s a very practical boat that is easy to maintain. For normal coastal racing it is the ultimate boat! However, it is not a boat that is well suited for serious offshore racing and it would not be allowed (for good reasons) to participate in any of the big races. My bucket list contains races like Middle Sea Race, ARC and Caribbean 600, and in order to be permitted on those races the boat needs to be at least 30 feet long and CE cat A. Hence my decision to search for a new boat.

Considering the bucketlist and my motives for sailing, these are the factors I deem most critical:

1. Safety & suited for shorthanded
2. Speed / funfactor
3. Community
4. Total cost of ownership

Let’s walk through each criteria.