Genthe 30 concept

Vad säger vi om det här konceptet från Hans Genthe, som är aktiv soloseglare i sin Farr 280 (nu till salu)?

The realization of a dream: 30″ Fast planing offshore racer

A quite speedy carbon yacht concept for a budget price.

The last 5 years I spent a lot of time with pimping our Farr280 for offshore racing. We survived the stormy North Sea Week in 2015 and won the last race with a topspeed of more than 26 knots despite a broken gennaker. I won the silverrudder 2018, which was also quite windy – only 50 boats of 450 finished. Next year Tilman and me had a very hard trip during the Baltic 500, Tilmans carbon bunks were great, but the boat by far too wet. 2019 I won the silverrudder again in normal conditions. More here >>

The last 30 years I spent a lot of time on 30″ boats and bigger yachts, but I really love the easy handling of the 10m long boats: BB10m, ASSO99, L30, Farr280 and soon?

All these ideas on these fast boats, combined with appr. 100.000 miles sailing went now in a new design. Why?

At the 14 May, bored by the lockdown here in Dubai, I made a pencil design scribble, and a posted it at facebook. The Feedback was great, more than 300 likes and endless comments. So I started a proper 3D Design in Rhino in my private time and made a calculation/proposal for my company/employer.

I´ve ended with a selling price of 84.000 EUR ex tax, which should be very competitive for a boat like this.

The concept

The idea behind this boat is to offer a carbon sailing rocket without a great variety of options but with high-quality basic equipment at a really good price, so that everyone can easily adapt the boat to their individual needs with comfort or other technical equipment.

30″ full carbon budget fun boat.

– simple, reliable, light.

– quick to assemble (without crane), easy to transport

– single/double hand (OSR2) and inshore racing with six

– length: 9,14m

– width: 2,95m

– 1.4t (offshore mode 1.5-1.6t) (comparison Farr 280: 1.3t)

– ballast ratio: 57%-50% (800kg)

– draft: 2,2m – 0,5m

– jib 21,9 sqm

– main 37,2 sqm

– upwind 59,1 qm

– 115sqm gennaker

In the meantime, the ORC survey calculates quite accurately. That’s why I now see more potential to win a race by improving the handling of a boat than to optimize the rating to the last one. The Farr could be driven alone or in pairs only with much effort and concentration at the limit. The boat is actually designed for 5-6 people. But when it runs, you drive through the field until the next fuckup.

This new boat will offer little cruising comfort, but allows easy, effort-saving sail changes and continuous trimming, and provides dry changing at sea and peaceful sleeping in the air at the pivot point. The boat has a hole wit a plug for a E-motor (pod system) or a simple 5 horsepower outboard engine – below the cockpit bottom between keel and rudder. The outboard solution we are using on our BB10m since 25 years. If you don´t need the motor, pull it out and set the blind plug in – and then there is no resistance any more. In light winds out BB10 is up to 0,5 knots faster without the turbulence producing propeller and shaft.

The large gennaker will remain attached in a gennaker trumpet and will be set through the hatch in the front. This went with effort & power well on the 280, here the system is improved.

The small gennaker hangs in a bag in the companionway, partly sheeted, and has a 2nd set of sheets, blocks and clamps. The Code 0 is in a bag in the long sail stowage below the cockpit floor and can be set from the floor hatch. If you want, you can roll it, just like the Flying Jib. I didn’t use furlers on the Farr, I took them off again.

The cutter jib and storm jib and the trysail lie in nets under the cockpit floor.

All sails are ready in a few seconds, and if you practice a bit, you can do sails in sail changes.

The main sheet has 3 ratios, a fine adjustment, and the sheet with double clamp, that means 1:4, 1:8 or 1:16. It’s fast and saves your power. The traveller is direct sheeted and runs easily, blocks oversized. All trimming possibilities are easily accessible.

Inside you can hold on and change your clothes and slip easily into the tube bunk. There is a possibility to make water hot. And you can sit on a pot without being knocked down by a fat wave. That’s all …

Wishes/suggestions welcome.


– Full carbon sandwich (epoxy/vacuum infusion)

– outside Gelcoat

– inside visible carbon or white lacquered

– CFD and Rating optimized by renowned partners

– Structural Engineering/CE certification made in Germany


lifting keel with carbon fin and lead bomb (goes through the cabin roof for transport)

– lifting rudder in cassette with carbon tiller


– divisible carbon mast, tube weight 22.6kg, total weight with fittings/spreaders ex rigging 37kg

– ROD or Dyeema Rigging

– Carbon boom, Carbon bowsprit


– removable Motor plug prepared for E-POD drive

Fittings general

– very high-quality fittings, rather oversized

– Marlow ropes (Grand PriX quality)

– 4 self tailing winches

– backstays with high load ball bearing blocks

Mainsail handling/trim

– oversized traveller system

– mainsheet system 1:4, 1:18, 1:16 ratio

– cunningham 1:8

– boon vang both side adjustable

– main halyard with reef loops

– 2 reefs

Jib handling/trim

– 3D jib bearing on long tracks

– dyneema jib traveller

– jib tack adjustment

– cutter jib halyard high load

– jib halyard with mast lock

Downwind sails handling/trim

– 2 gennaker/code 0 sheeting systems

– 2 gennaker/Code0 mast top halyards

– 2 barber hauler with 3 padeye positions each side

– gennaker trompet wit ball bearing tube in the hatch hole

– gennaker bag in cabin entrance

Additional options

– Pod or Outboard between keel and rudder removable with blind plug

– Kitchen module (carbon, removable)

– Cooling module

– Toilet module (carbon, removable)

– Tubular bunks (carbon, removable)

– Foreship mattresses

– LiFePo battery

– Electronics package

– Autopilot

– Life rafts 2 or 6 persons

Additional Transport options

With this options it´s possible to launch the boat without crane and help. – Tilt slip trailer (width 2.5m) 2.5t no permission in Italy neccessary

– Mast laying device

– rudder bag

Sails We developed together with Elvstrøm a set of EPEX sails based on the very fast FARR280 setup. We used the job from 0-30knots of wind.

The sails in both pictures right side are the same, check out the extreme chance in profile of the jib.

– sqare top main with 2 reefs 37,2 sqm

– jib with 4 battens 21,9 sqm

– upwind 59,1 qm

– cutter jib (storm jib)

– Gennaker light 115sqm

– Gennaker heavy polyester cloth

– Code 0

– Flying Jib (not recommended for ORC)


– CFD opimization

– Structural Design/CE cerificate

– rating/handicap optimization (ORC and IRC)

Service/delivery We offer an all-inclusive/full service and delivery package:

a) Detailed documentation of the construction process with photos

(b) acceptance of the boat in Dubai, with

– 3 days rental car with driver

– flight, accommodation with breakfast

– Lunch/Dinner at the sailing club

– launching, test sails, handover certificate

– Packing and container transport to Hamburg

– All customs formalities

c) Delivery by service partner in Hamburg

EUR 6000

Rough schedule

– July – calculation of all accessories finished

– August – Design/CFD/Structural engineering finished

– September moulds ready

– October 1st Hull completed

– November 1st Hull ready to sail. Tests.

– December Packing, etc.

– February: Boat arrives in Hamburg

From December we could build at least 1 boat per month.

Pure Sailing Power: Compare Dehler 30 / Farr280 / this 30 concept

Hull Length9.14m8,68m9,14m
Displacement standard2,8t1,35t1,5t
Keel weight0,94t0,65t0,8t
Weight ballast ratio:34%48%53%
MAIN SAIL33.50m²32,52m²37,2m²
JIB 105%28.20m²18,88m²21,9m²
GENNAKER A2*100.00m²107m²115qm
GENNAKER A5*85.00m²85m²90m²
RIG IG12.20m12,95m13,05m