OSCAR – collision avoidance

In my day job I invest in, and coach, tech startups. Many entrepreneurs I meet are working with AI an image/video recognition. Naturally, those technologies can be used onboard as well as in cars or surveillance, and that’s what BSB Artificial intelligence has done with Oscar.

As you can see from the video above the system can recognize a small boat, a log, a swimmer, or a floating container. This is naturally useful both for racing (20 of the 30 IMOCAs, and 4 of the 5 ULTIME-trimarans, have the system installed) and blue water cruising yachts.

Especially shorthanded on longer crossings when the systems will warn and wake the crew when it detects UFOs (Unidentified Floating Objects).

Very cool 👍

OSCAR combines optical sensors and artificial intelligence to detect floating objects on your course. OSCAR automatically assesses the risk of collision in real time and warns you of any potential danger. OSCAR significantly enhances your safety and that of your crew.

Thanks to continuous improvements and feedback, OSCAR will boast new features and functionalities going forward and the ultimate goal will be to avoid collisions with the autopilot.

Let’s stay tuned.

The sweetspot right now might be 45-60 feet, and I know the team is looking for a few yachts doing the ARC. Drop an email to Patrick Haebig if you’re interested,