Best ORC boat under €100K?

Choosing the proper boat for serious handicap racing in ORC or IRC is crucial if you want to do well. It’s a big difference between being the fastest boat in Class C (beating 35′ cruiser/racers) and the slowest boat in Class B (lining up against X-41, CS42, and Landmark 43).

The X-35, either in OD- or “ORC optimized” mode, has been quite popular. And I’m often asked for an opinion.

After analyzing several ORC championships, I have a hard time seeing them do better than average, more well-rounded boats?

Maybe you have some input on which boat to buy to be competitive in a local ORC fleet?

I follow your writings on with great interest and wanted to ask a question which I hope you can answer. 

You had a post on X-35 vs J/109 some time back, which was quite informative for me as I am looking at those designs as well as some others mentioned.

I came across a couple of modified X-35, which look somehow attractive: performance keel, carbon mast, better ORC rating and results, more stability, better upwind performance, and all that jazz. However, I also found some hard-core X-35 racers are quite strongly against the mods. I kind of understand where they come from, but yet they might be a bit biased. You are more like a J person on your boat selection, what would be your (qualified, but also more objective) take on mods vs OD? Say, if OD racing is not high on priorities, but ORC or club racing may be. Is it a direction worth exploring or a waste of time and effort?

I am questioning my boat selection.

What designs are better under ORC in your opinion? Kind of similar price range / size / age?

Can stretch budget to €130-150K for the right boat 😃