Äntligen fredag…

Aldrig har en E-jolle sett så bra ut!

When I´m not bringing the Cup to Hamburg, with the Cheeseburger Sailing Team Germany I´m sailing in my 11 feet Europe class dinghy. i don´t know how many guys in the states have seen one perhaps the old ones because it used to be olympic for female athletes.. For those who haven´t it´s quite like an downsized Finn Dinghy, has very very few and fine trimming features compared to the laser which is known as refridgeratordoor here :p Big fleets especially in scandinavia…. many world class and olympic sailors such as Francoir Gabart, Jonas Hogh Christensen (Finn), Frederik Loof (Starboat) have Europe class backrounds. Anyway I´m not here to promote the class but to share a video.

With this edit I tried to share the joy and art of dinghy sailing and do something, what never really has been done in sail editing before, or at least I

haven´t seen it yet ;) I tried to become a bit more professional in editing or at least as much as what is possible for a 19 Year old low budget Naval architecture student with one Gopro and a little Europe class dinghy :P There is so much poor windows movie maker and imovie mainstream junk on the internet which has been edited all together in 5 min.

So I always wanted to do something different which marches to a different drummer, which really shows another aspect of sailing, nor the “I am such a big regatta pro “the “look at our J109 crew” neither the “oh look it´s sunshine and I´m sailing with my Laser trough the guarded Hotel bay” edit.

Really something in which I somehow can project my mind into the video and show the viewer how special sailing is for me besides Regatta sailing.

Since I got my Europe class dinghy I always wanted to compete in the Worlds, last year I did it right after the European Championship…

After the Worlds I had reached my goal and thought what would be the next one…shure to become better next time maybe top 20, but something else had to be done…

And I wen´t out at Kiel Lighthouse, GER in quite a breeze coming onshore put an old sail on and sailed a 10 miles long beat towards the Lighthouse.

As I was there the waves in fact had become sooo huge (for baltic sea :p), that on my way back I had some surfs of my life, so far :)))

Approaching the inner lighthouse with like 3 miles to go I decided to show those windsurfers how it´s done and tried to stay on the tank while reaching….

I had done it before in moderate breeze only so it became quite a challenge to not get washed away every 2 seconds becaurse either the end of the extreme low boom, the bow or I got stucked in the water.

But it more and more improved towards the harbour so I got some reallly nice shots on my camera. And it was sooooo much fun tough the water was quite cold and capsizing that often really is kind of…physicly demanding.

Sailing really is an art for me.

An art which is the best medicine against all kind of trouble, beeing one hour on the water can, no – does reset your mind completely

And an art as every waterdrop of the spray in your face is telling you a different story, and all together with the right exposure it really really is a symphony, and then it changes again completely in a tenth of a second.

But to tell all this in a 3 minute video is quite hard, but I think I might have done it at leeeeeaaast a smidge.

)(ang Loose
Niklas A.k.A Manfreyd GER 1702