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Midsummer Solo Challenge

Mark your calendars: June 7-10 2018.

This will be the first edition of the Swedish Midsummer Solo Challenge, something out of the ordinary for those who want to sail +120 nm solo in one of the worlds most beautiful (and challenging) archipelagoes. This at a time of year when the nights are warm and the sun barely sets (the photo above is from just before midnight).

In 2019 we plan to move the race forward one week, to be able to deliver the full “Swedish package” with the solo challenge, the traditional midsummer festivities and the double-handed race Bohusracet in three intense weekends.

June 7th, Thursday afternoon, launch, get-together in Marstrand, dinner
June 8th, Friday, starts during the day (small boats first)
June 9th, Saturday, finishes during the day, party
June 10th, Sunday, wrap-up

The course is around 123 nm.

The plan is to go north through the archipelago during the day, and there are several routes to match different boats and skills. Around midnight, most of the boats will reach the northern mark and turn back south. It’s possible to take an offshore route during the night before the final push towards Marstrand.

Start Marstrand – 57°53’36.0″N 11°34’7.0″E (chart)
Lighthouse Lysekil (Släggabåden) PT – 58°15’57.2″N 11°26’17.0″E (chart)
Fjällbacka Testholmen PT – 58°35’46.2″N 11°13’30.5″E (chart)
Ramskär lighthouse PT- 58°45’29.3″N 10°59’33.8″E (chart)
Hätteberget lighthouse PT – 57°51’49.2″N 11°27’31.6″E (chart)
Finish Strandverket, Marstrand – 57°52’54.4″N 11°35’5.2″E (chart)

As simple as possible.
International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.
Simple safety rules.
Classes according to LOA (ex >25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40, 40+).

Advisory board
Peter Gustafsson, J/111 Blur
Leif Jägerbrand, Seascape 24
Erik Nordborg, Figaro 2
Anders Nyberg, RM1350 Embla

More info + registration early 2018.