Question: J/111 vs J/112e

Really love your social media content on J/109, J/111… very cool.

If you were going to buy a new J right now, and both cost the same, would you buy a J/111 or J/112e?

We sail mostly handicap, local, and occasional 200-300 mile races, point-to-point, crewed, single-handed, and double-handed. Wind usually 8-12 knots but we see 30+.

Good question.

And the answer is, as always, it depends.

If I compare the J/112e to it’s predecessor, the J/109, it’s seems to be a very balanced design. Both are really good upwind, and could hold their own in any handicap fleet. We’ve seen many J/109 doing well, and the new design did excellent in it’s first outing in Copenhagen this summer.

The J/112e would be a much better boat downwind, judging by the similarities with the 111. I havn’t sailed it but it should be fun both in the light stuff as well as in 20+ knots.

Also the interior, which is very similar to the 109, is spot on for a small family, both for the weekend and for a longer cruise. The har decision will be how much cruising gear to

So the J/112e sounds like the perfect choice then?

But then you can turn up the sailing dial a few notches.

And live with a simpler interior.

When you get into the J/111 you understand the difference between a cruiser/racer or a racer/cruiser (or ”speedster” as J/boats like to call it).

The 111 will be more demanding, and you have to work hard to first tame it, and then to make it go fast. But the rewards are huge. Either zipping along i no breeze, when most other boats have decided to call it a day. Or plane along in 15-18 knots leaving everyone else behind.

So, the 111 is the natural choice if you want to get the most out of you sailing every time you leave the dock.


Rating naturally, as you’ll have to beat most 40-42’ boats on the water. And that will work out fine below 8 knots and above 18 (when you plane downwind), but in medium breeze you will have a tough time hanging in there.

And not everyone is impressed by the comfort below. I think it’s just right.


J/112e for windward/leward racing, if you want to be competitive on handicap most of the time and like to cruise with friends and family. A great cruiser/racer for those that value the sailing part.

J/111 to develop as a sailor and get the thrills of a planing boat. Great if your focus is offshore or beer can racing, and you’re happy with a win when conditions are right.

For me the choice is easy. I find myself taking the 111 out for a spin whenever I can, just for the pure joy of sailing without all the compromises. After 5 full seasons I’m not sure which boat, in the same size, I would rather have?

But I can totally understand that many (more) people find the 112e to be a better fit.

I hope this gives you some clues to the difference between the two boats – and help you decide.