Why I wish I could speak Swedish

Jag försöker ha lite koll på vad som händer på bloggar runt om på jordklotet. Eftersom de flesta är ju på engelska så är det ganska enkelt. Men att folk som inte pratar svenska försöker följa blur.se är ju en hel annan sak.

Därför var det kul att se det här inlägget på Messing About In Sailboats. Han verkar ju ha fattat det mesta, och min besäöttning får högt betyg (igen).

Blur Sailing – Why I wish I could speak Swedish

I wish I spoke Swedish. Why? Well then I would understand the Blur Sailing Blog. It’s a great blog, full of great videos and sailing photos. Only problem is that I don’t speak a damn word of Swedish so I haven’t a clue what they are blogging about. Here is what I can figure out:

  • The blog (I think) is run by a guy called Peter who races a J109 in Sweden. And from what I can tell he knows what he is doing
  • The crew look like Vikings and have some damn cool sailing gear.
  • Sweden is a gorgeous place to sail.
  • The have a very good sailing blog. Really nice design and full of great stuff. Much more carefully thought out than my blog. Just check out the sailing photos. Bee-oo-tee-full
  • For the more technical folks, he has specs and polars for a bunch of boats. I used to think that was nerdy but after a couple of seasons racing I am impressed. So I guess, I am now nerdy!
  • They also have a Youtube Channel which has some very cool sailing videos. Like the one below which is their season wrap-up. Well-worth sitting back and enjoying with a cold one in hand.

Hey Peter from Blur Sailing, please tell us more about you.


  1. Peter Chalmer Dec 15, 2009 Reply

    Re: I wish I Could Speak Swedish

    I follow the website from Perth, Western Australia and used to just look at the pictures and videos and not understand a word until I updated my computer one day and, unexpectedly, Blur now opens with the option of a Google translator in the column. Fantastic !

    Now I look at the pictures and look at MOST of the words in English.

    Many thanks for a great site.

    • Keith Wilson Jan 8, 2010 Reply

      Peter, g’day. Keith here in Sydney. I have a J109, hull 264, name of MaJiKaL.
      I am seeking a site where other 109 owners can chat about improvements and solutions to little problems.
      I looked at J/Anarchy and it seems mainly inhabited by foul-mouthed cretins who seem mostly to want to bag Js.
      Is there anothjer site where such ownesr can talk without all the abuse these blokes like to sling?

      Sydney, NSW

  2. Rafael Terentin Dec 15, 2009 Reply

    Peter, is good to hear – I mean read, what is my thoughts about your site – I wish i could read Swedish!!!!
    What an amazing site!

    Trade winds,
    Rafael Terentin
    São Paulo – Brazil

    P.s – Try to write in portuguese, it´s easier than swedish!!!

  3. Jimmy Dec 16, 2009 Reply

    Stoort!!! Får en känsla av att du, ensam, gör mer för svensk segling än någon annan (förbund inräknade), hatten av!

  4. Bosse Dec 16, 2009 Reply

    Ännu ett bevis på att priset är välförtjänt.

  5. Björn Gadd Dec 17, 2009 Reply

    Kul länk för de som är nykfnikna på svenska språket;

  6. Perry Dec 17, 2009 Reply

    Instämmer med Bosse.


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