Handbok för soloseglare

Thoughts, Tips, Techniques and Tactics for Singlehanded Sailing.

Mycket intressant bok av Andrew Evans som går att ladda ner gratis här. Full med tips för oss som seglar shorthanded, även om man kanske inte håller med om allt.

I met Andy when he came to help out my preparations on Ocean Planet for the 2004-2005 Vendee Globe. A nice guy and good sense of humor; after all he’s Canadian.

In many ways he represents all those who have become successful solo sailors on their own nickel; learning slowly from a mix of hard-earned experience, digging up obscure info, and sharing with each other.

It’s not like this sort of experience is falling off trees. While a lot of jabber about singlehanded sailing can be found on discussion forums and the odd magazine articles, this is the first collection of the varied aspects of the sport put together in one place. It takes thousands of hours of sailing to get the kind of knowledge contained in this book. It also takes a lot of experimentation and a willingness to be wrong nine times before getting it right on the tenth.

There are many recipes for successful solo sailing; as many as the actual sailors who do it. And there are many different levels of personal priorities. However many, many of the same mistakes are made over and over by those new to the sport, and by those who simply think they have it already figured out. Most of those mistakes can be prevented by carefully analyzing what Andy has put together.

This is good stuff, and I’m especially glad that he did it, because now I don’t have to.

Bruce Schwab

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Mental Challenge
• Emotions & Crying
• Stress and Coping
• Hallucinations & Voices
• Psychological Breakdown
• Stress of calms
• Emotional Inertia
• Sleep
• Polyphasic Sleep
• Rebuttal
• Foolish 50 Miles (poem)

Chapter 3: Boat Design, Selection and Setup
• What to look for
• Figaro Bénéteau II
• Insurance
• Boat Setup
• Falling Overboard
• Lines
• Sails
• Paper Boat

Chapter 4: Power Systems
• Power Budget
• Batteries
• Creating Power

Chapter 5: Self Steering Systems
• Shock Cord Sailing
• Storm Jib System
• Poled Out Jib System
• Autopilot – Wind Vane Comparison
• Autopilots
• Wind Vanes

Chapter 6: Leaving the Dock and Returning
• Anchoring
• Climbing the Mast
• Folding the Headsail

Chapter 7: Sailing Techniques
• Sail Trim
• Changing Foresails
• Reefing
• Tacking
• Spinnaker
• Gybing
• When Things Go Bad
• Heaving Too

Chapter 8: Racing – Get Into It
• Starting Line
• Rounding Marks
• Moby Dick (my whale story

Chapter 9: See and Be Seen
• Navigation
• Singlehanded Controversy
• Collision Avoidance Systems

Chapter 10: Managing Bad Weather
• Abandon Boat Lesson
• Preparation Tips
• Drogues
• Damage
• Patches

Chapter 11: Looking After the Body
• Medical references

Chapter 12: Spiritual Side to Singlehanding


  1. Doc Feb 19, 2011 Reply

    Skrev ut boken, böckerna, eftersom en ytterligare en hänvisning finns, för hur man hanterar en sextant! Det senare speciellt intressant för undertecknad, som äntligen efter alla år fått tag på en i nyskick!! Tillbaka till ‘boken’ har jag läst 1/4, och den är faktiskt mycket annorlunda.
    Mer säger jag inte. Tyd som läs!
    Tack för hänvisningen Peter!

  2. Andrew Evans Oct 11, 2012 Reply

    I have finished my study on “How to Maintain a Winning Attitude for the Duration of a Long Distance Singlehanded Race” based on the 2012 SH Transpac. Seven of the racers completed twice daily surveys on their moods, attitudes and how aggressively they sailed. I compared this with a study completed by racers in the crewed Vic-Maui.

    You can find the complete study in Chapter 8-B of my book “Thoughts, Tips, Techniques & Tactics for Singlehanded Sailing – Third Edition” available as a free download at http://www.sfbaysss.org/tipsbook

    As always, questions and comments are welcome.

    Andrew Evans

  3. Peter! Länken är bruten, den ligger numera här https://www.sfbaysss.org/main/resources/

    (den här artikeln syns väl i Google så den är värd att hålla uppdaterad)


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