Nyfiken på… Ian Roman, seglingsfotograf

Santa Ana and the King of Spain, Ibiza 2006

Ian Roman är väl mest känd för bilden ovan, som bland annat prydde omslaget på Segling. Förutom TP 52 så fotar han mest America’s Cup och nu senast de otroligt coola Extreme 40-katamaranerna.

How did you start with sailing photography?
I have always had an interest in photography. I became interested in Sailing photography while visiting friends of mine who were sailing on the British America’s cup team GBR Challenge in New Zealand during the 31st cup. During my stay I met Thierry Martinez, who is not only an awesome photographer, but is also a tremendously nice and encouraging guy. Before I had any equipment he lent me gear, and gave me advice on how to use it.

Which picture are you most satisfied with?
I do not have a single favorite image. My most memorable shot to date was capturing Stuart Robinson’s Stay Calm T-bone the King of Spain at the Ibiza TP52 regatta in 2006. With so many photographers at the regatta I was the only one to capture the collision. At the same time as I was excited to have taken the shot, I was also terribly upset for Stuart who is a good friend, and an incident like that is not something you would want to wish on anybody.

The shot was broadcast all day on Spanish TV and published in many sailing magazines worldwide, but from an creative perspective it is not a favourite.

Team NZ approaching the 1st top mark of the Fifth race of the 32 Ameica’s cup, The last time they were ahead in the competition.

Best regatta to shoot?
You may say that its a cliche, but the answer is -the next one. The belief that the next shot you take will be best one you have taken is what drives all of us to keep shooting. If I’ve already taken it I should stop now.

Worst regatta to shoot?
Wow, a tough question, I suppose flat light is the curse of the regatta shot. Everything else is a challenge, no wind, rain, photo boat not where you expected it to be, all have to be seen as a test to your own ability.

David Carr, TeamOrigin

Who inspires you (other photographers)?
As mentioned previously Thierry Martinez, and of course Carlo Borlenghi.

What gear do you usually use/favor (camera/lenses)?
I use two Canon 1D Mk III, and have 14mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 300mm and 600mm lenses. The most exicing lens is probably the 14mm, if you are using this one you are very close to the action!!!

VX40, Cowes

Any advise for those who want to become a better sailing photograph
Develop your own style, experiment, try new angles, ask questions, put yourself in unique places. Practice, crop, edit, practice some more! Frequently you will be on a race track, respect that no one will thank you if the race boat has to swerve to avoid you, no matter how good the shot is…

Should you choose to go pro dont think that the only way to get business is to set your rates lower than the competition, you will devalue your own work and upset the established professionals.

How do you see sailing photography develop in the future?
Camera equipment will become lighter, faster, more robust, waterproof. We will have the ability to lift stills from video. In 10 years time we will look back on the present equipment and it will appear antiquated.

All of this will make the mechanics of taking a photograph easier, and free us up to be more creative, bring it on!

Santa Ana, Sardinia