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  1. Henrik
    Jul 18, 2008 @ 10:45

    Schyssta leksaker!


  2. Peter Gustafsson
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 12:14

    Reports from Ericsson 3 and 4 on their qualification run.

    Dave Endean, Boat Captain, International Crew, Ericsson 4

    As the boat captain I was in Sweden the longest of all the international crew. While I had a great time, I am really happy to finally be on the way back to our training camp in Lanzarote.

    The last few days sailing have been really productive and we have ironed out many of the teething problems but it’s such a nice feeling to be spending the first night at sea.

    It won’t be long until the daily life onboard becomes second nature and we settle into our rhythm.

    Getting used to the sounds of the new boat takes a little while and there are many small tweaks to be made to make life that much easier. Looks like we will be getting a broad range of conditions on the trip, we are currently sailing in 18kts and choppy seas.

    The boat feels great and we are learning all the time. Roll on Lanzarote.

    Nordic Crew

    Since we left Sweden we have constantly competed against the international crew on board Ericsson 4. We have had visual contact all the time, and now they are approximately 1,000 meters ahead of us.

    We have rounded the Sandhammaren in the south west of Sweden and on Sunday it looks like we will be sailing into quote strong low-pressure in the North Sea, and wind speeds up to 35 knots from the west.

    This will be a important test for both boat and crew, as it will be the toughest conditions we have met.

    But right now everything is well on the good ship Ericsson 3.


  3. Jonas
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 14:52

    Hej Peter,
    Vi har försökt komma in på Ericssons hemsida i en vecka utan att lyckas, med olika datorer och uppkopplingar.
    Är det bara vi som har problem att komma in på deras sida???


  4. Peter Gustafsson
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 19:33

    Nä, verkar inte funka…

    Kör istället. Allt viktigt verkar komma upp här och det finns också som RSS-feed.


  5. Peter Gustafsson
    Jul 22, 2008 @ 19:46

    Aksel Magdahl, Nordic Crew

    Sent – 1515h Tuesday 22nd July

    We have had fantastic downwind sailing in the Bay of Biscay since last night – flat water and clear skies in light to moderate breeze through the night, then rapidly increasing breeze and sea state as we get closer to Cape Finisterre off NW Spain later today.

    Right now I see the numbers on the speedometer next to me flying between 25 and 30 knots. The guys on deck will do more than 100 nautical miles in a 4-hour watch! Unfortunately these ideal conditions rarely last for long, so even though our 24-hr run will be good, we will be short of the record. In fact, I am expecting us to get becalmed in six hours, fighting our way through the vacuum behind a little low, to get started on the downwind sailing again.

    As a navigator, it is nice to be offshore in stable conditions again, as the winds are much more predictable here and one can plan better ahead. One pretty much knows what sail changes are coming up over the next few hours, and can get them in at the watch changes when we have more guys on deck. So no more grumpiness from the guys for calling three sail changes during one watch, or short tacking through rain showers with variable winds and moving the stack (all the equipment, spare parts, food and sails) from side to side many times.

    However, tonight we are into a potential stacking fest again as we work our way through the backside of the low pressure. Jens, the big Dane, is the “stacking boss” onboard and everyone is afraid of him. Now he is walking around telling everyone that I promised him that last night was the last time we restacked the boat for this trip. But he misunderstood – I said that it was the last time I participated in the stacking for this trip, and asked him if he was happy with that, which he was.

    Skipper Anders is back on deck in fine shape, he just has to wear a helmet all the time to protect the stitching and bandage on his head. Everyone is wearing helmets now so he feels pretty normal.

    As I am writing this report, we keep sailing faster and faster. The g-force when we ram into the wave in front of us is incredible. I am going to get a nap, but I see the guys struggling to stay in their bunks, they slide forwards in every wave.

    Best from the Bay of Biscay


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