Corby Clash

Det verkar som marinsvängen inte alltid är helt okomplicerad när det gäller att göra business. Här är senaste debatten mellan John Corby och Fredrik på IRCboats. is NOT John Corby

John Corby needs to make it clear that the website is Fredrik Bergstrom and NOTHING to do with John Corby. Some people have bought from Bergstrom believing incorrectly that they were actually making a purchase from Corby Yachts. Although Bergstrom is building Corby designs in Poland we have found him unsatisfactory to deal with and are currently in dispute.

John Corby’s advice:

1. If you buy a boat directly from Bergstrom be careful and extremely patient. He is very convincing and promises the world but delivers very little, and always extremely late.
2. Be prepared to spend your own money getting the boat up to the level he said it would be, but don’t waste your time trying to reclaim it from him. He doesnt honour warranty issues and always denies any liability for anything that might not be right.
3. If the design royalty is paid you will have John Corby available on the phone 24/7, but if it isn’t paid please dont ring, and please tell your crew, sailmakers, insurers, surveyors and brokers not to ring either.
4. The Corby Yachts team is available to pimp a Bergstrom-built boat but will work directly for the owner and will not accept liability for Bergstrom’s work.
5. Corby Yachts Regattas only welcome yachts which have paid design royalties.
6. In a couple of years time we hope to be building a newer version of the 33 and needless to say this will NOT be with Bergstrom.

Disagreement with John Corby over royalties

We have until now chosen not to answer the allegations that John Corby have openly posted on his site.

This is a disagreement that should be held between two business partners and not in public. Our customers clearly deserves an explanation, so here is our response.

We started this business as a 50/50 partnership in September 2004. We have worked according to this agreement until a request from John Corby, he now wants a royalty-based business model, which we have agreed to. This will be effective for new boats.

We are working on getting this and old issues agreed and signed in contract, and have no intention not to pay John Corby.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get back to me.

Best Regards,


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