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  1. Magnus W
    Dec 15, 2008 @ 17:59

    Niklas bygger en 72a och kommer eventuellt till Gotland Runt med någon av båtarna.


  2. SP, Oslo
    Dec 17, 2008 @ 11:34

    her er det meste av minimaxi på gang i 2009 (cut off @ 90ft):
    * Alfa Romeo III R/P 69 1.571 in rebuild
    * Alegre, Mills 68 1.522 up and running well, good windward leeward shitty on reaches
    * Atalanta III, Umberto Felci STP65* will be a while
    * Belle Mente II, R/P 69 1.556, back in the shed
    * Black Jack, R/P 66 1.599 not sure
    * Cannonball, R/P STP65* not sure
    * Container, J/V STP65 1.523, dodgy !!!
    * Limit R/P 62 find out soon but is in the water and doing the hobart
    * Loki R/P 63 being test sailed ready for summer holiday madness in sydney
    * Luna Rossa, J/V STP65, not wet yet but nearly
    * Moneypenny, R/P STP65 1.516, having more minor surgery, already moved bulb
    * Numbers, J/V 66 1.514, great boat, wasnt during key west, but looking good and for sale, judel vrolijk design not RP
    * Ran R/P 72* launch april valencia
    * Rosebud, Farr STP65 1.516, up running and going well…!
    Highland Fling XI wally 82 just a mini maxi if cut off is ninty foot. launched april in newport ..


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