Kelt Cognac Yacht Designs 7

vision9x3 coverpage.jpg
Another nice boat in our yacht design challenge.

Design #7 | VISION 9×3 – Concept.Swe

A racer with good cruising potential. A Saab 9-3 combi 2.0T or Volvo V50 T5 of the sea. The boat is optimized for shorthanded sailing and should give the small family plenty of space but also be a frequent racer. The smaller format keeps the investment low, as well as lower running costs and maintenance.

LOA 9.00 m – 9.50 m with bowsprit.
LWL 8.90 m
B 3.00 m
DEPL ~3.0 ton
SA/D 28-30
(SweLYS/SRS est 1.25, IRC TCC est 1.000)

Vacuum-injected polyester with Divinycell-sandwich above waterline. Single laminate below. Local reinforcements in carbon.

Interior in s simple, straight modules without complication. Think IKEA, but still “cosy” and functional.