Tour de France à la Voile väljer M34

Nu är det klart. Det blir Archambault M34 som ersätter Mumm/Farr 30 i Tour de France à la Voile. Vi väntar på den engelska pressreleasen.


JPK 998 One Design
Longueur HT 9,98 m 11,00 m 10,34 m
Largeur 2,99 m 2,99 m 2,98 m
Déplacement 2 700 kg 2 420 kg 2 400 kg
Lest 1 350 kg 1 240 kg 1 100 kg
Tirant d’eau 2,10 m 1,85 / 2,65 m 1,70 / 2,50 m
Surf. voile au près 68 m2 83 m2 72 m2
Spi 120 m2 145 m2 130 m2
Architecte Jacques Valer Coutts/Justin Joubert Nivelt Design
Constructeur JPK Composites Pauger Carbon Archambault
Prix avec remorque 109 800 € 119 000 € 120 000 €

This morning, during a press conference, William BOREL (director of the “Tour de France”) has told that the M34 had been chosen as the next boat of the “Tour de France”.

Excited with the results, Emmanuel ARCHAMBAULT (builder) and Alexandre MERCIER (naval architect) who were present to this press conference, declared :

“This is incredible news for the shipyard and the architects. We’d like to thank everyone who had contributed to the choice of this boat : the “Tour de France” organizer, sailors who helped us on this project, and our France and international distribution network.”

This is a huge challenge as the boat must be equal to the expectation of the sailors on the 2011 Tour.

The moulds of the M34 will be made from September. On spring 2010, the first prototype will be tested and then the marketing will start on summer 2010.

Meanwhile, every people involving in this challenge (“Tour de France” director, federation, sailors, architects and builder) will meet all together to ensure the M34 becoming the one and incontestable one-design sailboat of the “Tour de France” for the next 10 years.