Anders Lewander i Kina

Anders är i Qingdao och kollar bland annat in Ocke Mannerfelts Day-Tripper 8 som tydligen byggs där.

Ocke Mannerfelt Design has developed a new sailing boat to act as a platform for research and testing of new ideas. It incorporates a lot of new ideas to enhance performance and sail handling. The new boat is called “Day-Tripper” and is a perfect shorthanded daysailor with a very comfortable cockpit.

Day-Tripper is 8.0m long and 2.23m wide with a draft of 1.6m. She weighs 1350kgs where 590kgs is in the streamlined bulb. Such a high percentage of the weight situated in the a deep bulb makes the boat very stable and there is no need to climb up on the rail from the comfortable cockpit. Keel blade and rudder are made of carbon and epoxy. The mast and boom are also made in carbon and the total weight of the rig is 25kgs. All of the carbon parts are made by Marström with prepreg and cured in autoclave. The hull is a sandwich construction built from first class fibre and vinylester injection moulded around a divinycell core. All parts are glued together without screws and bolts to enable a lean production.

The rig of Day-Tripper is a 28m2 mainsail on one rotating wing profiled carbon mast and no foresails are used. A 32m2 furling Gennaker can be set for some extra downwind speed.

The rotating una-rig with its full batten roach sail is very efficient and easy to trim.

Day-Tripper has a cockpit divided in one aft part for the helmsman who handles the sail and rudder and one forward part for the friends. The comfort in the cockpit is perfect and with an inlay and extra cushion the forward cockpit converts into a large and cosy sunbed.

Entrance to the interior of the boat is either through a flat canvas top with battens or through a fold up sprayhood. There is sitting height inside on two large beds but the interior is very basic.

The hull is well balanced and has a slender shape with a very narrow waterline. There is a spray deflector incorporated in the bow to prevent water from coming on deck and to hydro dynamically lift the bow in stuffy conditions. She glides through the water with ease and creates very little wake aft. Steady 10+knots with gennaker is no problem.