The Changing Face Of Sponsorship

Intressant från Mr Clean, Dee Caffari och IMOCA-gänget.

The Changing Face Of Sponsorship In Professional Offshore Sailing

Competitive sailing’s only live talk show comes to Les Sables D’Olonne for the start of sailing’s “Mt. Everest” – the only solo, non-stop, round the world race on Earth.

Our panel discussed sponsorship issues in the current economy, the future of IMOCA and the Open 60 in the face of massively changing global demographics, and much much more.

Our panel included:

Luc Talbourdet, President IMOCA
Xavier David, Team Manager Saveol/Sam Davies
Dee Caffari, Sole Female Triple Circumnavigator
Bruce Schwab, First US Vendee Competitor in History
Stew Hosford, Team Director Alex Thomson Racing/Hugo Boss