Sweet…. Forty 1 Design

Eller bara konstig? Vad sägs om Jason Kers senaste Class 40? Framförallt i aktern har det hänt en del.. Ker och McConaghy har ju varit framgångsrika med Ker 40, och det skall bli spännande att se vad Team Concise kan åstadkomma i Class 40.

The design philosophy for the Forty (1) Design was to start with a clean sheet of paper, applying our advanced design technology to arrive at the fastest concept and shape.

A particular feature of the combined CFD and numerical optimisation technology we have developed, is that an essentially unlimited number of shapes can be explored within a reasonable space of time, a technique which contrasts dramatically with traditional yacht design optimisation which typically starts with a known reference point and makes incremental steps towards an improved solution, one tweak at a time and quite likely never arriving at a truly optimal solution in the lifetime of a box rule.

Coming from a background of other racing rules and Americas Cup, every aspect of the design has been looked at with fresh eyes, from the point of view of performance, rule constraints and practicality, finding many gains which individually might not be large but together become very worthwhile. The sail-plan has been through a major CFD optimisation process, internal structure has been optimised in close conjunction with interior stacking ergonomics, great lengths have been taken to minimise the actual VCG within the rules’ 90 degrees RM constraint.

Team Concise produce new production boat

Having now campaigned two production Class 40’s, we at Team Concise decided it was time to commission our own fully optimized, race boat. In conjunction with Ker Yacht Design, McConaghy Boats and with the advantage 6 continuous years of successful Class 40 racing experience we believe that our new Forty (1) Design, the first ‘Next Generation’ yacht, will be able to out preform anything in today’s Class 40 circuit.

After having been immersed in the Amercia’s Cup, Ker Yacht Design have developed a unique Neural Network (NN) which has allowed over 70,000 hull forms to be tested. The most promising hull candidates were then RANS CFD tested, shortlisting favorites for particular courses and weather patterns. Our optimal hull was chosen out of these.

Team Concise working with McConaghy Boats (Winner of ‘2013 Boat of the year’, for its MC38 and KER 40) have invested heavily in tooling and mold production to ensure the highest quality and consistent finish at a competitive price.

North Sails have developed a unique set of flying shapes in association with America’s Cup Designer Chris Williams. When combined with the work of the rig manufacturer the result is a sophisticated sail wardrobe and a very low overall VCG.

Eastern Electronics have simplified and improved Concise 2’s electronic and autopilot systems, putting it’s advanced design in the hands of all of our sailors.

Meanwhile Skipper Ned Collier Wakefield and his crew have put an immense amount of effort into deck ergonomics, ballast system design and boat trim. The outcome of all this is the best possible layout suited to winning ways.

Most importantly the new boat will be series built as a One Design. Strict quality and weight control will be maintained throughout the building process. The aim is to enable sister ships to race in the global arena on a level footing. This will have the benefit of determining the best sailors in the world rather than those with the deepest pockets. Just as important as a “One Design Class 40” the excessive rate of depreciation currently suffered by existing boats produced to the box rule will significantly be reduced.

Ocean racing represents the aspirations of many sailors. Recently, Class 40 boats have escalated in price thus reducing the chance of racing in the world top races, to wishful thinking for many. Team Concise’s up front investment, advance building technique’s and unique One Design concept saves money and has brought our boat prices down to an accessible level. We are certain that with the new Forty (1) Design not only will there be more boats in the next editions, but we will be right in the winning mix. There is only one thing better than competing and that’s is winning.