J/111 Blur³ | Code 0 setup


I’ve covered our downwind inventory here, and there’s been some questions on how we set up the code 0.


There is a Dyneema loop that slides on the sprit. This makes it easy to connect the furler when the sprit is in, and it doesn’t affect the normal tackline. There’s a small Dyneema strop that pulls the loop out as the sprit extends, and another bobstay that goes down to the bow right over the waterline.


This accomplish two things; taking the load of the sprit – as most of it is on the bobstay – and center the furler. As the sprit extends on starboard, ideally you want the furler on the left side of the sprit.


We needed a 2:1 halyard to get the proper luff tension. On the Hall Spar mast the two spinnaker halyards that exits the mast on top of each other. We replaced the lower one with a 2:1 halyard in Vectran.


The dead end needed to be attached somehow, so we mounted a Seldén dead end bracket. It needed some carbon reinforcement that Magnus Mørk, Norsk Riggservice, helped with (we needed the work done between Færder race and Seapilot 2star).


(Older photo without proper tension).