X-Treme 32 in a box

Nu verkar det vara skarpt läge med X-Treme 32. Vi diskuterade ju den här.

Kul upplägg och en snygg lösning med containern.

Även priset verkar vara spikat. Runt €129k + moms + segel & instrument.

Dear Peter,

It has been a while and we haven’t sitting still. And herewith I send you the information of the new X-Treme 32. Two are sold off the design now and they will be launched in April 2018.

The concept goes beyond normal yacht racing, offers offshore capacities and smart logistic solutions. For offshore racing we will offer a removable dodger with solar panels to charge batteries and run electronics during distance racing. Lets say “sportsboat thrills with offshore skills”.

We are working on a customized 40′ High Cube container, side open (as pictures but then a little higher) which we will add to the X-Treme 32 price list.

This container will be optimized for the X-Treme 32 and will contain:

– Canting cradle on rails to load and unload the hull easy
– Bed for the keel. Keel can be fixed and removed easy
– Work bench with drawers for tools
– Solar panel (flat) on roof of container and batteries for electric tools, light in container etc
– Painted with logo in any colour the client requires

Clients who order the X-Treme 32 with container will get a lifelong “G-Force Yachts Logistic support” meaning that, for example, the owner sends a mail with the request to ship his container with requested race dates. We pick up the container, ship it over to any part of the world and take care of all needed documentation. This at logistic cost price.

I look forward to your thoughts.

With best regards,

Jeroen Wats