Moderna båtar i ORCi?

Vad tror ni om den här båten som vann LILLA klassen på ORCi-VM i Sibenik?

Sugar 3 är en Italia 11.98, nertrimmad för att precis bli största båt i lilla klassen. En båt som ser sweet ut, men som man fått att gå långsammare än en Xp-38 eller Dehler 38. Well done. Eller inte…

Nu verkar tillochmed de som jobbat hårdast på att rita och optimera stora långsamma båtar (som ser sportiga ut) vilja se en förändring. Så här skriver Cossutti efter VM:

Just a short personal comment about the Worlds. Despite we saw sailing in C Group two new designs (Katariina II One – Off and Italia 11.98), launched recently, generally the entry list was all about old projects and only few new owners. Maybe it’s time to be less conservative and open the international ORC rules to some new, more exciting designs that could be more attractive for younger owners. For example, we tried this year with the optimization of a Melges 40, but it appears to be too penalized by the rules.

A good example of this different approach could be the upcoming next Championship in Newport, with the fleet of Melges 37 from New York Yacht Club. And also the Europeans in Capri, if the brand new Swan 36 should be allowed to be competitive, could open new 2.0 scenarios on the ORC class.