PalmaVela 2009

Nu har de stora killarna lekt klart i årets PalmaVela. Zennströms Ran verkar ha infriat förväntningarna efter att ha missat första dagen. Alla resultat här. Foton: Jesús Renedo.

Hur man får en 80-fotare att se riktigt liten ut…





  1. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Apr 20, 2009 Reply

    Och vi hade så klart Mango ombord på Container.

    Besides owner Udo Schütz the following crewmembers were on board during Palma Vela:
    1. Kazuhiko Sofuku, bow, Japan
    2. Lindsay Stead, midbow, Australia
    3. Martin Klawon, floater, Germany
    4. Magnus Augustson, pit / stb. grinder, Sweden
    5. Pawel Bielecki, stb. grinder, Poland
    6. Matthias Bohn, port grinder, Germany
    7. Nils Beyersdorf, port grinder, Germany
    8. Victor Marino, downwind trim, Spain
    9. Matti Paschen, upwind trim, Germany
    10. Gabriel de Llano, main grinder, Spain
    11. Jens Mack, upwind grinder, Germany
    12. Hartwell Jordan, mainsail trim, USA
    13. Benjamin Stoffels, traveller, Germany
    14. Peter Sibbert, runners, Germany
    15. Tom Swift, runners, UK
    16. Markus Wieser, helm, Germany
    17. Karol Jablonski, tactics, Poland
    18. Matt Wachowicz, navigator, USA

  2. Mariano Parada Apr 22, 2009 Reply

    Our good friend Johan Barne was sailing with us on Matador TP52.
    Another “Victory Challenge” guy onboard was argentinean Tactician Santiago Lange.

  3. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Apr 23, 2009 Reply

    Hi Mariano, congratulation to the win at PalmaVela and good luck in the MedCup! Looks like some exciting racing between the new boats. Will Johan do more racing on Matador?

    BTW, for all swedes, there was a great profile of Johan Barne in the latest issue of Segling. A must read for everyone.

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