Hanseboot IRC Baltic Open 2010

Ny IRC-serie i våra vatten: Hanseboot IRC Baltic Open. Sjysst mix av långa race och bansegling, och tyskarna lär kunna skaka fram ett antal sweeta 50-fotare… Några av de här borde man kunna få in i sin race-kalender?

The new international racing series in 2010 in Baltic and North Sea

At the initiative of German offshore Owners Association, in cooperation with Per Weiskvist (Kerteminde Sejlklub) and the owners of offshore racing organizations from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway a completely new racing series is launched in 2010: The hanseboot IRC Baltic Open. This race series is based on the collective international scoring of established classical offshore races in the Baltic and North Sea. 

A total of two to three established offshore races per country will be incorporated in the calculation according to the international IRC handicap system. The goal of the organizers is to promote the competition of international offshore sailors in the Baltic and motivate them to increasingly compete in races of neighbouring countries. Therefore, the two best results will be assessed for each yacht, taking into account the size of the participating field. Furthermore, extra points will be awarded for crews who participate in races of at least two different countries.

“The next Admiral’s Cup in England is planned for 2011,” says Volker Andreae, Chairman of the German offshore Owners Association. “Therefore, all committed sailors realize that only a preparation within the bounds of international competition has prospect of success. For this purpose, Hanseboot IRC Baltic Open provides an optimal platform.” Per Weiskvist, owner of the J/V 41 R “Visione 3” from Kerteminde Seijlklub agrees: “It will be great, and at a high level, for Northern Europe conditions, I think.”