Baltic Challenge (online)

Killarna på KTH har nu fått ut en ny version av sitt onlinespel, ny sajt och på söndag börjar Baltic Challenge (Start – Hoburg – Alma – Sandhamn).

Dear Users,

As you’ve noticed we’re changing the name of the game from Sailport Sailrace to We hope that this will make communication easier with new users.

It’s been a few weeks since Fastnet and we’ve been working hard to improve both the application and gameplay. This is some of the news in Beta 2:

  • Colored land/water/lakes, in general improved maps
  • Uses half the amount of RAM compared to the first beta
  • Uses a fraction of processor compared to the first beta, you can now have the application open in background at all times!
  • Improved traces (tracks)
  • A lot of smaller fixes and improvements!

We’re releasing the new beta so please go to our website and try it out. We know a lot if users is requesting waypoint functionality, we’re working on it, and will hopefully have it implemented before the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

Race Schedule

  • Baltic Challenge. Starting Sunday 23 of September at 18.00 UTC / 20.00 Stockholm time.
  • From Sunday 30th of September 18.00 UTC you can try to break the Winter Challenge record around Gotland on a 60 trimaran the real record time is just under 17 hours. This race will be ongoing for about a month – and you can attempt to break the record at any time during that period!
  • Starting the 20th of October, the Rolex Middle Sea Race, starting from Malta. Our plans is to join and race them so stay tuned.

It’s still Beta
We would like to remind all users that we’re still in beta-testing. This means that there can be some rough corners here and there. What is really important is that we get your feedback – an excellent way to send feedback is to use the feedback link in the game, or just email us at ANY feedback is welcome, bugreports, feature requests, ideas on how to evolve the game play, fun races to do, how often, etc. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy Sailing!

Sailport Crew