Parkerad Pogo

Man skall inte lägga sin Pogo 40 på en strandbank i Saint Lawrence-floden. Patrice Carpentier lyckades dock under årets Transat Quebec Saint Malo.

A long and not so tranquil river …

The Saint Lawrence has lived up to its reputation and has served up a complicated helping of conditions for the original 28 crews in the 7th Transat Quebec Saint Malo. Setting off on Sunday and after 24 hours of racing, the fleet of Class 40s, 50 foot Open multihulls and some Fico monohulls are currently beating their way down the meandering river. The yachts are progressing in headwinds at the mercy of the tides and strong currents which reign between Quebec and the river estuary, which the frontrunners should reach during the course of the night. The main obstacle though has been the fog, the sandbanks and the numerous rocks, which are dotted about this river course, intensifying the start of this hotly contested ‘contact regatta’ style transatlantic race. The fleet is already lamenting one retirement: that of the Class 40 Entreprises Lorraines, skippered by Patrice Carpentier. The Pogo Class 40 ran aground and has suffered damage to the keel.