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  1. Peter Gustafsson
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 13:53

    ERICSSON 3 LEG ONE DAY 20 QFB: received 30.10.08 0603 GMT

    Summary of last 36 hours:

    Passed 2 Telefónica boats.

    200 squalls, or sailed in one squall the whole way depending on how you look at it.

    New top speed for Ericsson 3.

    New max wind speed with spinnaker up – 46 knots. BTW it was during black night in rain and bad sea state. It felt just fine from the navigator’s bunk.

    Three sail changes within two hours, whereof two involuntarily, costing lots of miles.

    11 wet guys.

    3 bent and jammed carabinos on harnesses after people being washed along the deck.

    Waking up in the bunk with cramp from holding on while asleep.
    Waking up in the bunk in front after digging the bow in downwind.
    Ended up IN the cold front rather than ahead of it like E4 and Puma.
    Dropped off the front and caught up with it again – could be decisive one way or the other.

    No spinnaker last night after recalling the night before

    Some basic rules inside the boat:

    1. Keep your feet at least 1.5 metres apart, you have no idea what the boat’s next move will be, but you know it will be abrupt.

    2. Never leave an open space ahead of you – you will dive far when we dig the nose in

    3. Always hold on to something. When we dig the nose in, it is always as you transfer from one place to hold on to, to another.

    4. Do not spend any time forward of the mast (where the galley, foul weather gear and toilet are) – it will be painful..

    Aksel Magdahl – navigator


  2. Anders
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 17:23

    Tristare för grabbarna på den svarta båten:
    But it’s Telefonica Black that have had the most torrid time, starting with some broken sails that Michael Pammenter talked about to Amanda Blackley yesterday. Then last night, they lost the rudder, wiped out into a broach, broke the bowsprit, ended up head to wind and then had to cut the spinnaker away. Ugly. But they’ve sorted out the mess and are in good shape, with the emergency rudder on and headed for Cape Town.

    Och tydligen så är dessutom även ena daggerbordet skaddat.
    Så de kan inte köra fullt längre..


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