Kelt Cognac Yacht Design 13

OK, this might be the last design in our Kelt Cognac Yacht Design Challenge that closes on March 31. A daysailor from a yacht design office in Barcelona.

Design #13 | VC10

The VC10 is a timeless daysailer design. Build using wood but with all the performance and reliability of a modern sailboat. It could be defined as a wolf in ship clothing. All the experience gained in designing racing sailboats has been applied in this case.

The VC10 is a classic and smart daysailer adapted to today’s needs and tendencies. The deck is flush but for the coach roof that also gives some protection to the cockpit aft. This cockpit is able of shelter comfortably 6 people. Also, all the lines are redirected aft for added safety and comfort. When it is time to relax two zones forward and aft provide ample space.

The hull is designed around a classic silhouette. But looks can be deceiving, underwater we find a modern and high performance shape with a set of appendices that are a direct heritage from our developments in regatta.

The general philosophy is that of a cruiser-racer. The boats building in modern wooden construction gives it a rating advantage under some system allowing it to defend it speed. Since it is build with modern cold molded techniques it can avoid most of the problems common in boats build in wood.

Following with the philosophy of the boat, it has installed an electric engine that generates a silent power of 13hp, that permits to move the boat easily maneuvering in harbour or in light wind conditions.




VC10_sailplan-deck layout.jpg

VC10_interior layout.jpg

The interior of the boats is designed as a multifunction space with room to sleep four people. There are two independent berths aft and a double berth forward. This can be transformed into a private cabin by using a divider that comes down from the top. It also has a sink, stove and several storage spaces.





For most people, traditional materials like wood are just a thing of the past. However, even though modern composites are predominant, wood is still a valid material to build with. In fact, wood is a composite in itself, moreover if we are talking about building with wood-epoxy systems.

We could name as an advantage the fact that it is actually lighter to build in modern wood systems that using single skin fiberglass. We also should not forget that wood in nearly 100% recyclable.

The VC10 is designed to be build with different spices of woods so as to tailor the properties of each one to its concrete use.