RORC/UNCL/ORC Press Release | Q&A

Det har ju varit en del uppståndelse kring en eventuell sammanslagning av ORC och IRC. Här är ett förtydligande från RORC kring vad detta innebär för IRC – business as usual tills vidare alltså.

To: IRC Rule Authorities.
Subject: RORC/UNCL/ORC Press Release

The press release announcing the possible merger of the RORC/UNCL and ORC has also produced speculation about IRC that we seek to address with the question and answers shown below. It is important to stress that the merger is a proposed goal and there is no intention to make any immediate changes. Both the RORC and UNCL are committed to improving the service and support of IRC and ensuring its continued development as a rule that produces fair racing between different types of boats. What will happen in the future is the subject of continued discussion and certainly neither the RORC nor UNCL would do anything to harm the growing fleet of boats using IRC and the close racing they enjoy.

1. How certain is this proposal?
The idea of having one governing body has to be good for yacht racing worldwide.

2. When is this going to happen? What time scale are we talking about? How long will it take? What are the implications for IRC?
The discussion with ORC has been going on for some time and we do not expect any immediate to change to either organisation. We will continue to develop IRC as normal.

3. What will happen to IRC?
Nothing will change. It will continue as usual and if we were able to join forces then one organisation will run both rules until such time as an alternative is created. But that’s a long way off.

4. How long?
It will certainly take some years and there is no certainty that we will ever achieve it. IRC is winning the ratings battle at the moment anyway so we may get there first without having to design a new one!

5. Should I wait and see what happens before recommending a design to a customer? Will the existing fleet continue to be protected?
It is absolutely certain that the RORC and UNCL would never do anything to harm the existing fleet. Any new rule would have to be acceptable to the majority but we are a long way from even thinking about the idea and have IRC to run and ensure its continued success and popularity.

6. Why is the RORC doing this when IRC is now the dominant rule worldwide?
Both ORC and RORC/UNCL with IRC see themselves as the guardians of offshore racing and want to see it grow and both feel that having one rule will help the sport. In some countries IRC is dominant, in others ORC. Where they clash it damages both fleets. Overall numbers of both fleets remain high so neither will disappear overnight.

7. Who will administer the new rule?
We are a long way from the development of a new rule and operational aspects will need to be agreed at the appropriate time.

8. Will it be a secret rule or VPP rule? Will there be performance curve scoring?
Technical details have not yet been discussed.

15 November 2010.