The revolution of sailing!

Cheeseburger Sailing Team Germany har ju fattat hur man skall göra segling poppis. Vanligtvis är bilderna är kanon, men ljudspåret suger. Här har man fixat det. Något för Mästarnas Mästare?

To save the future of sail racing it has to be spectacular and interesting for spectators, not only for athletes. So I came up with the briliant idea to add a V10 into the bow of my Europe class sailing dinghy. Now when I´m driving along the coast millions of spactators are watching the stunning sound of the supercharged V10. So not Roussel Coutts or other hopeless visionists are going to change sailing with a gay satelite system “virtual eye” and Live report of races. People don´t matter if the one team has right away or not.

But i swear, if I come along with this absolute incredible MACHINE they will forget all boring things, they heard about sailing before. They will be hypnotisized by the sound of the tundering raceyacht(s) squeezing along the course. I won´t change any Isaf rule! All I do during my revolution of sailing is to make the sound of sailing boats heaps more stunning, spectacular, incredible, breathtaking. People will adore it !