Marström 32 blir klass i USA

Det var ju klart att Ken Read hade tagit över ett antal båtar till USA, och här kommer lite mer information. Nu får Marström jobba hårt för att få fram båtar både till Ken och M32 Cup… Foto: Marco Oquendo.

Marstrom 32 (M-32) Finds a Home in US

In what is hoped to be the first of many sailing centers in the US, the M-32 Catamaran will take roots in Newport RI starting in the Spring of 2013. Volvo Ocean Race superstar Ken Read has lead an initial group of 5 owners purchasing M-32’s. Catamaran sailing looks to be here to stay, on the heels of the phenomenal success of the America’s Cup World Series event held in Newport last summer.

“I want to go sailing for fun again and after the Volvo Race our team had a chance to sail the M-32 while visiting sponsors in Gothenburg. Quite frankly, I fell in love with the boat, its simplicity and its speed, and really hoped that other sailors in the area may want to share in the fun. And after sending out an e mail to a few friends I was thrilled to see that many others were thinking the same thing!”

“What an opportunity for the M-32” stated Goran Marstrom, designer of the M-32 and founder of Marstrom Composite. “We have always thought that the simplicity of the M-32 would be a major selling feature when it came to bringing in new Catamaran sailors, and it appears that it has worked. Of course internally we are most proud of the full carbon fiber construction including as well a high amount of high modulus carbon fiber and the forgiving hull shapes that allow the boat to sail at high speeds with a forgiveness that is very uncommon to multihulls.”

Since the word has gotten out that the M-32 is in North America to stay, many different sailing area’s around the US has been in touch with Marstrom to consider setting up local classes. “We are excited and amazed at the same time that the interest appears to be very real in the US” said Hakan Mann, head of sales for Marstrom. “The goal for this class is for fun local sailing to be a focus first, then build a national class once the interest is there. Newport, for example, has already planned two different sailing evenings locally during the summer- Monday and Thursday- to allow the boats to sail as much as possible”.

“Our goal is to get kids and adults alike exposed to modern day speed sailing with the M-32”. explains Read. “With only 4 crew needed and with crew weight not being a critical issue on the rail, we are about to re invent sailing for fun. Its about time that uncomfortable hiking over lifelines is made obsolete. It is killing the sport to be honest. Lets have fun sailing again, be athletic, but at the same time not create an environment that is as uncomfortable as can be. I think the M-32 does all of this.”