Mark Turner om Extreme Sailing Series

Merk Turner är väl den som har jobbat mest med kommersiella seglingsevent, med Extreme Sailing Series som det tydligaste exemplet. I den här podcasten från Sail Racing Magazine talar han om publikvänlig segling AC, VOR och vad segling kan lära sig av andra sporter.

There are some amazing opportunities out there. The sport is going to expand rapidly in Asia in ways that mo one can really understand or predict yet and that is going to shake a lot of things up over the next five or ten years. Economically, in Europe things will never be the same again.

At the end of the day we are a sport that costs a lot of money and we have to be commercially smart if we want to enjoy our sport for sport’s sake.

There is no going back in sport today to a less commercial time. No sport is in that position today – whether you are Archery, Table Tennis, Athletics or Sailing – we are all dealing with the same challenges. We all have to entertain as well as maintaining our sporting integrity.

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