Nytt sätt att garna spinnakern

Tidigare så har man ju använt garn eller gummiband för att garna spinnakern. Men det innebär ju att man skräpar ner, vilket numera är förbjudet i reglerna.

Vad tror ni om de här?

For years sailors have banded spinnakers with rubber bands or weak yarn to keep the sails under control during hoists in medium and heavy air. In The Racing Rules Of Sailing 2013-2016, however, the new Rule 55, which bans trash disposal overboard, has been interpreted to include even biodegradable yarn and rubber bands under the trash heading. Since the remains of the bands or yarn falls into the water once the spinnaker opens, the age-old methods of banding spinnakers fall afoul of rule 55.

After experimenting with various alternative banding methods, UK Sailmakers developed its new SPIN STOPS banding system. SPIN STOPS are quick release spinnaker bands, made of durable elastic and Velcro, that are sewn onto the spinnakers’ luff and foot. SPIN STOPS are reusable, enable controlled sets in moderate and heavy conditions without the sail twisting. An added benefit is that spinnaker banding with SPIN STOPs is a much faster and easier task than using rubber bands or yarn.