Äntligen foilingfredag…

Kul med svensk inblandning!

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New High Speed Sailboat with a carbon Seldén Mast and boom.

Developed in great secrecy over a two-year period, the Monofoil Gonet will raise the blood pressure! Designed and skippered by the talented sailor Eric Monnin in collaboration with Damian Weiss, this innovative sailboat was created and built at the Weiss Yachts yard.

Launched and tested away from prying eyes in central Switzerland, the Monofoil Gonet will soon arrive at Lake Geneva, where it will benefit from final testing before committing to the great classics of Lake Geneva and other Swiss lakes.

The Monofoil Gonet is a forerunner in sailboat design: it was conceptualised before the America’s Cup made a spectacular and unexpected transition to the flying monohulls. “For a long time, I’ve been watching the spectacular performance of foil sailboats,” says designer Eric Monnin. “Several monohull projects have been developed since the success of the foiling Moth, like the Quant 23, which impressed me, but it’s still an evolving field and I’ve always found something missing … “. Monofoil Gonet is full of innovation much of which is invisible. “It is a modest sailboat in size, since it measures only eight metres, but has the potential to win the Bol d’Or if the weather conditions are favourable.

During the first trial sails, the Monofoil Gonet proved that she was “well born”. Steady on her foils, she easily reached a speed of over 25 knots (almost 50 km / h).

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