Best, perfectly average yacht?

Thomas Tison (som tidigare var i designteamet i Artemis och nu jobbar med den här) är precis som alla andra på väg till Düsseldorf.

Han behöver hjälp att nominera lite båtar i de här kategorierna.

Eller helt nya kategorier?

Vem åker ner i år?

I bumped into someone the other day and he said: Thomas, you work on all these projects and nobody knows about it!

So I thought hard…and after a while decided to splash some money, big money, and hire Jeremy Clarkson. Ze Jeremy Clarkson…well almost.

Anyway … he said Thomas we have to do a ranking of the best boats at the Dusseldorf boat show, everybody talks about it. I said I don’t like most production boats I don’t want to do it. But after having told me about how the market decides, that the majority is always right … I gave up… I had already paid him after all.

I told him to come up with a serious list of categories that would look at key naval architectural aspects only. He came up with 7 prizes.

The categories for 2019 are:

1/ price for the very best, perfectly average yacht

2/ price for the ultimate equilibrium between form and function

3/ price for the safest groundbreaking innovation

4/ price of elegance for the most beautiful lines and proportions

5/ price for the best visionary market vision of a visionary

6/ price for the very best novel useful gadget

7/ price for the very best hydrodynamically advanced hull shape

Now get to work!

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