Man överbord på Dublin Bay

Veckans självstudiefilm kommer från Scuttlebutt:

A crew training session on Dublin Bay in Ireland went terribly wrong when a Man Overboard incident occurred in the challenging conditions. The crew on the J/97 Windjammer was made up of current and former INSS sailing instructors: Aisling O’Grady, Aonghus Byrne, Andrew Irvine, Conor Corson, Jeff Fahy, Saoirse Reynolds, Lindsay Casey, and Noel Butler.

Här finns en bra analys & leassons learned.

This experience shows that by practicing man overboard recoveries you will be better able to save someone’s life. As we have all learned, the more you practice, the better you get; so don’t just practice this once a year. Surprise your crew every now and then by throwing your hat or a cushion overboard and see how they respond.

Remember, what is the first thing most successful crews do each day when they get out on the race course? They sail upwind to get a feel for the wind shifts and practice a few tacks. If you have to practice tacking every day to be crisp, just think how rusty you’ll be in a real MOB situation if you only practice once a year.