Infiniti 52 till Finland

Arto Linnervuo och hans gäng på Xp-44 Xtra Stærk har ju haft ett ambitiöst program som avslutades med Middle Sea Race 2019. De slog oss med 26 minuter…

Och nu verkar ambitionen skruvas upp ännu mer: en ny Infiniti 52R är beställd och Stu Bannatyne signad som coach. Maverick, som är en Infiniti 46, har ju fått fart på grejerna med hans hjälp, och jag tror han kan ha mycket input på däckslayout och system.

kanske ingen tillfällighet att Christopher Sheehan som seglade en annan Xp-44 i samma race, Warrior Won, har köpt Pac-52 Bad Pak och tränat med den i sommar:

Nedan en översättning från teamets Facebooksida.

Xtra Stærk Ocean Racing Society. I’m excited to finally announce a new investment in Finnish crew sailing! We’re starting a new project focusing on the world’s toughest and most famous offshore competitions, which aims to root Finland as an important factor in the Grand Prix-level sailing world and to develop the skills and skills of our already grown to be around 30 people.

We have started a collaboration with Infiniti Yachts and will launch in June 2021 Infiniti 52 R boat, which will also withstand future demands in a rapidly developing world of race sailing. A super modern new boat is very light in structure (< 7000 kg) and is sailed with only a crew of 6-9 The starting point for boat design is a patented DSS (Dynamic Stability System) foil technology (boat’s correcting moment and lifting it upwards). Infiniti 52 R is the first boat for racing sailing, based on foils instead of already locked in the frame shape We wouldn’t choose the foil that best fits it until later. In addition, the boat is specially designed to make full use of Doyle Sails’ newest cable-free front sails technology, which significantly decreases mast and sailing pressure and the overall weight of the boat.

Carbon fiber boat is currently being built in Michigan with a Composite Builders sculpture, perhaps best known for its investment in Oracle America’s Cup boats. In addition, our racing sailing team has signed a coaching deal with Stu Bannatyne, called ‘King of the Southern Ocean’, a 4-time Volvo Ocean Race winner. Stu has collaborated closely with the boat’s design team and optimized its sailing selection, allowing the learning curve as soon as possible. William Jackson and Racetec Rigging Ltd leading our shore team. William has served as IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss boat captain and has been involved in Alex Thomson’s previous Vendeé Globe projects.

In order to support the development of our entire team, we used to compete in RORC and among other things. Volvo Round Ireland Yacht Race’s IRC One-class winner and X-Yachts Xp 44-boat s/y Xtra Stærk, which was fourth in the RORC championship series, returns from Malta to Finland for next season. As the new boat competes in tough international competitions in the coming years, the second boat returning to Finland offers our entire team of 30 to practice regularly in nearby waters and take part in competitions in the Baltic Sea area on a boat, whose performance has been significantly improved during our previous project by Racetec Rigging Ltd

We are excited to share the lessons and skills learned on the Infiniti 52 R boat in the exercise conducted by Stu Bannatyne among the crews of both boats. We, therefore, hope that we can allow our sailors aiming for international circles to develop into the crew of Infiniti 52 R boat, where some very experienced Finnish sailors have been promised to join next season, who have experience with similar boats and the standard of their crew. We also hope that the talents of the younger ones invested in rail sailing will be more interested in bigger cologne boats and offshore sailing through our new project.

Welcome to follow our new exciting project

Arto Linnervuo
Commander, Xtra Stærk Ocean Racing Society.