Sweet… 650 PRO


Very happy to be releasing details of this new Mini 6.50 design called the 650 PRO.

One design with a dedicated circuit
Our plan is to inject new vigour into the sport, including a vibrant circuit in which skippers can race ultra-fast identical foiling boats. We propose a competitive fleet of state-of-the-art foiling mini 650s racing within their own events and in iconic classe mini races.This isn’t a dream for the future, it’s happening now.

An innovative rig
This project is a version 2 of our design with a brand new rig system which combines a rotating mast arrangement, aero fairings to allow reefing, end plate for improved aero, and a reverse vang to provide the much needed control when foiling.

A simple foiling arrangement
If wind strength or sea state make foiling impossible the foil can be retracted to provide a clean hull shape with no extra drag. To maximise efficiency and facilitate take off, the foil exits under the hull and extends to the maximum beam limit of the class rule. This also keeps rig weight down and makes the foil useful in a larger variety of conditions. These are in line with recent learnings of the Vendee Globe.

To take this project forward we contacted some of the best racing boat builders who are ready to launch construction.

More information can be found here: http://thomastison.com/tt-650-pro/