Sweet… Baltic 45 Bodacious 3 seglar

För ett år sedan så spanade vi in en av de sweetaste båtarna någonsin, en Baltic 45 shorthandedracer med helt rätt dimensioner: 15.17 x 3,83 x sänkköl på 2,00/3,20 m. Väger bara 6040 kg varav 3090 kg i kölen! Dessutom kaffekvarn, pyttelitet kök och toa i kolfiber… Foton: Billy Black.

Vill ha!!!

Fler bilder på flickr. Kolla speciellt in brunnen. Yummy!!! De där kopphållarna i kol borde någon ju börja sälja? Jag skall prata med Seldén…


This is a Reichel/Pugh design, a light and aggressive speed machine. The owner’s wish was to have a single-handed speed machine in the clothing of a luxury day cruiser. This real Baltic is state-of-the-art in design and construction. Advanced light structures are driven to a high end with the most sophisticated production methods. Focus in speed without forgetting the beauty of a day cruiser makes this boat a unique piece of art.

Again Baltic Yachts and Reichel/Pugh engineers and designers are driven to the challenge of a fine combination of beauty and functionality. Everything in this boat must be able to work single-handedly. The owner’s goal is to win, and we at Baltic will help him do it anywhere and in any weather conditions.

The interior of this boat is rather “Spartan”, if we compare it to the usual Baltic boats. Simple, empty and functional can be the words to describe the interiors. The boat is almost empty at the front of the main bulkhead. The saloon is simple and the use of fine cherry wood will give the interiors of the boat a sense of luxury. Simple pipe berths work as reminders of the main purpose of this boat: to be fast at any time and in any weather. Large water ballast tanks take their own space as well.

Sail area is increased by taking the boom gooseneck as close to the deck as practical. The recessed genoa furler and the bowsprit for the reacher give speed at any wind angle. The twin rudder and the lifting keel help the owner to enjoy shallow harbors while day cruising.

Baltic 45 Bodacious 3 was delivered in May 2009.