Doublehandedbåt vinner Fastnet

Hur cool är det. Far och son, två riktigt salta fransmän, tar hem fastnet totalt i en JPK 1010. Cred!!!

Appropå salta fransmän och coola båtar, kolla in den här som vann totalt i canting keel-klassen.


History has been made at the Rolex Fastnet Race. Pascal and Alexis Loison’s JPK 1010 Night And Day from France has won the 2013 edition and is the first doublehanded crew ever to do so. A remarkable, near unthinkable achievement, which sets a new milestone for the mythical 88-year old race.

Arriving in Plymouth at 07:19 BST Thursday morning after four long nights at sea, Night And Day enjoyed a blistering return leg from the Fastnet Rock. In the process the dynamic duo overhauled the corrected times posted by the crews arriving ahead of them and left no room to overtake for those still on the course. Victory represents a historic feat for the father and son from Cherbourg whose unforeseen triumph is a pure demonstration of teamwork, determination and preparation.

“Nobody said this was impossible to achieve,” reflected Pascal. “It’s extraordinary, like a dream. I am very happy to have won this race with my son. There are so many factors required to make it happen. We simply hoped to win the two-handed class. This is superb.”

“(The Rolex Fastnet) is one of the most prestigious races in the world, with some of the most refined boats there are,” said Alexis, a professional sailor and regular single-handed Figaro competitor. “We competed against over 300 boats, many professional with big crews. Our preparation was really good.”

Victory crowns an already successful season for the two who have only owned the boat since February. “This is our second Rolex Fastnet together,” explained Pascal. “We know the English Channel very well having done a lot of races here. The racecourse is very complicated and fascinating. There is always something to think about at each point, turn, bay.”

Night and Day’s closest rival on the water was fellow French JPK 1010 Foggy Dew which crossed the finish line in Plymouth seven minutes later. “We found ourselves in a battle with them for first place,” reflected Alexis. “They are guys we know well, our friends, who are very experienced and a worthy rival.”

Offshore yacht racing is gruelling; a mental and physical challenge even for the crews with the most resources. Double-handed sailing is even tougher. Alexis revealed a simple strategy for conquering the inevitable fatigue: “During moments the boat was going well, we would take it in turns to rest. There is no rigorous organization (or watch system).” Confidence in their approach is natural: “It comes from sailing together for a long time.”

The pair’s only regret is that they did not experience a dramatic view of the Fastnet Rock. “Every time we pass the Fastnet it’s foggy,” joked Alexis. “I’m not sure if it really exists!” “It was raining with 300m of visibility,” added Pascal. “We only saw the beam of the lighthouse. There were boats everywhere, stunning. It wasn’t a great advert for Ireland but a wonderful, quite surreal memory.”

Night And Day’s victory heralds a dominant performance by the over 50-strong French boats in this year’s Rolex Fastnet Race. The top five boats and twelve of the current top 15 finishers on corrected time are from across the Channel.

This is a victory that fully captures the spirit and ethos of the Rolex Fastnet Race. “The most important thing is that the race can be won by anyone,” said the Royal Ocean Racing Club CEO Eddie Warden Owen. “Everyone thinks the professional, big boats are going to have an advantage but the 2013 race has just proved what the appeal of the Rolex Fastnet is all about. They are all here because they know they have a chance of winning.”

By 17:40 BST, 244 of the 336-strong international fleet had crossed the finish line in Plymouth. All remaining yachts have rounded the Fastnet Rock, including the last placed Duet and the 100 year-old former winner, Jolie Brise. There have been ten retirements.


  1. Pelle Fälth Aug 15, 2013 Reply


  2. anders kuikka Aug 16, 2013 Reply

    Well Done,
    Anders Kuikka
    Fastnet 1977 & 1979

  3. Author
    Peter Gustafsson Aug 16, 2013 Reply

    Imponerande jämt också. Här är de båtar som gick imål inom 10% från segraren…

    JPK 10.10 Night And Day Pascal Loison 1.009
    Sun Fast 3200 Le MC Do De Cherbourg Bruno James 0.999 4.2%
    J/122 Junique Chris Revelman & Pascal Bakker 1.087 4.9%
    J/109 Jangada Too Richard Palmer 1.010 5.6%
    A 31 Fertiberia Jesus Pintos 1.002 5.6%
    JPK 10.10 Raging Bee Louis-marie Dussere 1.009 5.8%
    IMX 40 Warhorse Nicolas Gourio 1.064 5.8%
    J/111 Xcentric Ripper John van der Starre & Robin Verhoef 1.086 6.2%
    J/122 J Bellino Rob Craigie 1.076 6.5%
    Sigma 38 Persephone of London Nigel Goodhew 0.983 6.9%
    Sun Fast 3200 Fastrak IX Nigel de Quervain Colley 1.003 7.2%
    JPK 10.10 Leon Jacques Pelletier 1.006 7.7%
    HOD 35 Malice Mike Moxley 1.023 7.7%
    First 36.7 Lula Belle Liam Coyne 0.998 7.8%
    JPK 10.10 So What Chris Schram 1.012 8.4%
    Sun Fast 3200 Ninjod Paul Brant 1.002 8.4%
    Sun Fast 3200 Roxanne Simon Mitchell 0.998 8.5%
    J/109 Yeti Paul van der Pol 1.026 8.7%
    JNP 12 Biquille Sérénade Denis Villotte 1.012 8.8%
    J/105 Diablo-J Nick Martin 1.007 8.9%
    J/122 Jolly Jellyfish Padraic Conlon & Tom Kiff 1.091 9%
    Sigma 38 Rapscallion Peter Diamond Peter & Jamie Diamond 0.983 9.3%
    HOD 35 Comedy Of Errors Tony White Tony White/Sam White 1.012 9.5%
    Elan 380 Elixir Felicity Gabbay 1.031 9.7%
    J/109 Firestorm Wim van Slooten 1.015 9.8%

    • Pelle Pedersen Aug 16, 2013 Reply

      Nästan bara nya och ohederliga båtar…

      • Team Dehlerdoris Aug 16, 2013 Reply

        Nya båtar=fusk… :-))
        Hederliga båtar dom är väl beprövade o byggda i trä antar jag.
        Stefan K

        • Peter Aug 16, 2013 Reply

          …många JPK 10.10 vart det i alla fall bland top 10%…

        • Gert F Aug 16, 2013 Reply

          …och långkölade.
          Tack för hjälpen med startmotorn i Fyrudden Stefan.

          • Team Dehlerdoris Aug 16, 2013

            Tack själv för “wirren” Gert. Lite uppfräschning av kablar o kabelskor till vårrustningen gör nog gott. Hoppas allt funkat för er i sommar.
            Stefan K

    • Anders B Aug 16, 2013 Reply

      4,2% mellan 1:an och 2:an, ca 100 h (?) segling. Dvs segermarginalen var över 4 timmar! Vad gjorde dom som var så snabbt?

      • Gerhard Aug 16, 2013 Reply

        De långsammare och mindre båtarna kom bakifrån med betydligt mer vind! Klassiskt. De större båtarna seglade i mycket lätta vindar ifrån Fastnet rock för att innan mål parkera i stiltjen.

        • Anders B Aug 16, 2013 Reply

          JPK1010 och SunFast 3200 är ju inte helt olika båtar, det är den jämförelsen jag är ute efter. Dessutom mäter 3200 ngt mindre än JPK1010 vilket innebär att dom måste ha legat en bit bakom (och alltså fått ännu mer nytta av ökande vind??).

          • Anders Averdal Aug 16, 2013

            Jag tror man får skylla på det mest fuskiga av allt, duktiga seglare.

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