Nyfiken på… James Robinson Taylor, seglings-fotograf

How did you start with sailing photography?
I was working in Florence as an editorial (fine art) photographer, when I met Franco Pace…. I’ve raced since I was small, so I thought I’d get my cake and eat it too.

Which picture are you most satisfied with?
If you mean exceptional images, I may get a few dozen each season.

Best regatta to shoot?
It’s the conditions that make it “the best”

Worst regatta to shoot?

Who inspires you?
Ansel Adams, Bert Richner, Raffaello Bencini

What gear do you usually use/favor (camera/lenses)?
Nikon, now using the D2x; lenses from 17 to 500. Bought a goretex bag, tailor made, excellent investment. Post production on Mac.

Any advise for those who want to become a better sailing photograph?
You’ve got to love being on the water, then you’ll survive a strong SW in the Channel on a little rib. Then technique: stability, high shutter speeds, treating the driver well. I drove myself for years and love it, but it does have its limits. My years in large format photography have stood me well: you become very conscious about light; and not many others have that technical background, it will get you out of a lot of critical situations.

How do you see sailing photography develop in the future?
I was struck by what Gilles said, ever increasing resolution in video displacing most of the stills…